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summer getaways – romance & culture

she’s pretty and intrigued by intricate detail. lace, crochets and fairytale fabrics are aesthetics that make up her wardrobe. she loves vintage and anything that looks like it belongs in an old english tea house. Her destination is a city like paris, rich with culture and romance.  She’ll spend her days riding a bike through the city, admiring the delicate beauty of the architecture, and she relishes the historic museums of paris like the louvre and the musee d’orsay. She goes to the cinema that plays films during the day and has picnics in the park, where she drinks earl grey tea while nibbling on croissants and jam.

candy would stay in montmartre, a hill overlooking all of paris and overflowing with artistic culture. she walks the cobbled streets and feels the creative energy of picasso, van gogh, toulouse lautrec and other artists who lived and worked there. her rented apartment, called “the countess,” is a quiet sanctuary with old fashioned charm and shutters that open out to a courtyard full of flowers and birds who sing to her each morning.  she occasionally walks over to the nearby square jehan rictus, a tiny “secret garden” that is home to a mural covered in the words “i love you” in over 300 languages. here she revels in the peaceful quiet and loses herself in daydreams.

in her suitcase…


1. rosetta lace halter bralette and scalloped lace hipkini; 2. splendid wood platform; 3. bandana bow headband; 4. chiffon and lace tiered slip; 5. tea cloth tube; 6. perforated bow crossbody; 7. space floral ballet tunic; 8. tiny dancer skirt; 9. siwy hannah crop skinny, shell printed inset corset tank and chadwick brogue.

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above images: danske, cherry blossom girl, knight cat.

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moira -May 26, 2010, 8:29PM

never thought I identified with candy until now! i lived in paris for a few years and that is exactly what my days were like…and i pine for them!
amazing reference on the square jehan rictus // something i missed while there but will definitely have to add it to my list

Anonymous -May 29, 2010, 12:11PM


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