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on the trek to building 25, sunlight filters down from the sky and presses summer gently on the shoulders. walk through the double doors and you enter a different season entirely. while i was sitting in on a meeting yesterday, i found myself casting wistful glances at the cardigan/sweater/jacket/blanket clad shoulders around me, all the while struggling to banish the impulse to hurl myself at a sweater sample and disappear inside of it. it seems that spending the day in such a boldly air conditioned building has tricked me into thinking that it is winter.

everywhere i look i see plush cardigans and deliciously cozy knits. the we the free navajo cardigan that i have had my eye on since it first appeared on the web has done more than turn me onto the navajo-inspired trend. i now find myself feverishly looking up sweaters and moccasins, dreaming of the warmth and comfort they would bring. from what i have seen of what’s to come, i think free people reads my mind.

i decided to take a walk around the office to see how FP girls keep warm…






roger snug and warm in his fur coat :)

here are some lovely pieces to wrap yourself up in:


left to right: we the free navajo cardigan, desert drifter cardigan, southwest poncho.

be still, my heart, a cozy blanket with sleeves…

- post by our concept intern stacey.

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Karla -July 29, 2010, 4:00PM

Julia, you really should think about writing a book. You are a terrific writer. You have a magical way of describing things which really goes with the FP ethic. Thank you for inspiring me!

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