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yesterday morning jemma and i went on a little field trip in old city, philadelphia, to visit some of our favorite shops and take photos for the blog!


first we went to vagabond boutique and yarn shop, which is definitely one of my favorites. they carry brand names and vintage pieces as well as yarn and knitting supplies, and i love the way the interior is decorated – lots of wood and natural touches like antlers.







the other store i wanted to mention is called art in the age of mechanical production. this place is really cool – it’s a combined store and gallery space, based on the idea of offering artwork in a broader context. it is also the home of alcoholic root tea – an herbal remedy first created by native americans. during prohibition, the alcohol was removed by a philadelphia pharmacist and re-introduced as the root beer we are familiar with – until art in the age brought it back. entering the store almost feels like going back to the pre-temperance time period – it’s full of antique trinkets and artistic displays.



we also met one of the sweet employees at the store, erin, who just happened to be wearing free people!



while in the shop we both found ourselves admiring these adorable little leather books, and erin informed us that the artist who makes the books would be holding a show at the store for first friday, along with her husband. walter and margaux kent are the philly-based artists behind peg and awl and the black spot books. i definitely recommend checking out both etsy shops, their stuff is adorable! margaux makes the books out of found leather items like shoes, moccasins, wallets and sofas – some are small enough to wear on a necklace, so you always have it at your disposal if you want to write something down or draw :)


i definitely plan on stopping by tomorrow evening – for more info on the event, click here.

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Tiffany -September 30, 2010, 4:28PM

Love the light in these photos


A -September 30, 2010, 8:20PM

I’ve been to both of those places so many timesss!! they’re so great. You should check out Sugarcube it’s on that street, it has some great pieces

Tamara Barker -October 1, 2010, 8:34AM

This is a wonderful write-up and makes me want to make sure I visit Old City and these shops next time I’m in Philly. Peg and Awl makes such wonderful items. It’s refreshing to see repurposed materials being utilized in such a uniquely creative way.

Anonymous -October 1, 2010, 11:02AM

these stores are the best!!!!! great shopping trip!

Anonymous -October 2, 2010, 6:53PM

art in the age of mechanical production is so awesome and their “Root” is so good, and the wall paper with the letters A, T, and I are really clever. Love the clothes too

amber -October 25, 2010, 3:50AM

soooo nice

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