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the ubnearable lightness of being – part two

“the heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to the earth, the more real and truthful they become… conversely, the absolute absence of a burden causes man to be lighter than air, to soar into the heights, take leave of the earth and his earthly being, and become only half real, his movements as free as they are insignificant.  what then shall we choose? weight or lightness?”

“the body was a cage, and inside that cage was something which looked, listened, feared, thought and marveled; that something, that remainder left over after the body had been accounted for, was the soul.”


“our day to day life is bombarded with fortuities or, to be more precise, with the accidental meetings of people and events we call coincidences.”


“…but her nascent love inflamed her sense of beauty, and she would never forget that music.  whenever she heard it, she would be touched.  everything going on around her at that moment would be haloed by the music and take on its beauty.”


“being in a foreign country means walking a tightrope high above the ground without the net afforded a person by the country where he has family, colleagues, and friends, and where he can say what he has to say in a language he has known from childhood.”


“while people are fairly young and the musical composition of their lives is still in its opening bars, they can go about writing it together and exchange motifs…but if they meet when they are older, their musical compositions are more or less complete, and every motif, every object, every word means something different to each of them.”


“betrayal, from tender youth we are told by father and teacher that betrayal is the most heinous offense imaginable.  but what is betrayal? betrayal means breaking ranks.  betrayal means breaking ranks and going off into the unknown.  sabina knew of nothing more magnificent than going off into the unknown.”


“he yearned to step out of his life the way one steps out of a house into the street.”

hope you guys are enjoying this book as much as i am! please feel free to share any thoughts on the book so far in the comments below :)

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gezelle -October 11, 2010, 7:31PM

words spun together to create incredible visions … i melt. thanks for posting!

nicole cpcakes -October 12, 2010, 1:25AM

love all of these photos amazing

lala -October 12, 2010, 11:02PM

i’ve really enjoyed both of these posts. i’d totally be into if this became a regular feature (good book + imagery).

Ruth -October 18, 2010, 1:55PM

This is one of my favorite books of all time. Really all Kundera is amazing. I love what you’ve done with the collage of pictures and passages.

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