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the unbearable lightness of being – part four

“waking up was a sheer delight for him; he always showed a naïve and simple amazement at the discovery that he was back on earth; he was sincerely pleased. she, on the other hand, awoke with great reluctance, with a desire to stave off the day by keeping her eyes closed.”

“insofar as it is possible to divide people into categories, the surest criterion is the deep-seated desires that orient them to one or another lifelong activity.”


“ideas can save lives, too.”


“characters are not born like people, of woman; they are born of a situation, a sentence, a metaphor containing in a nutshell a basic human possibility that the author thinks no one else has discovered or said something essential about.”


“the characters in my novels are my own unrealized possibilities. that is why i am equally fond of them all and equally horrified by them.”


“When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.”

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Jennifer Ruppert -October 25, 2010, 5:56PM

This is so lovely. Reading your blog always brings a huge smile to my face :)

Ariana -October 26, 2010, 9:58AM

This doesnt have anything to do with this post but i have been trying for days to make a collection for the contest and it wont ever add anything to my collection, I really want to participate. Is there something i need to know about getting this to work for me?

A -October 26, 2010, 11:07AM

where is the sweater from in the third pic?? adorable

fp julia -October 26, 2010, 12:58PM

hey A- i wish i knew but i have no idea :(

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