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good morning! today’s tunesday post comes from our marketing manager :)

photo from the november 7th show at the academy of music in philadelphia.

If you’ve managed to come this far without an introduction to Sufjan Stevens – like me until his tour came through Philadelphia – then you are about to experience a treat. Sufjan is a singer songwriter with a unique grasp on storytelling that pulled me into his labyrinth world that night, and I still haven’t crawled my way out. Instead, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks recounting the concert as I would an enigmatic dream. I was in a beautiful old theater laden with dramatic chandeliers and dim lights. The concert was calm and Sufjan’s Stevens’ voice was melodic and soothing; his lyrics thought provoking and real. Then, a shift in the last 25 minutes. He changed his stage presence, layered his voice with distortion and switched gears into lady gaga style dance music, but with lyrics that looped back themes of abandonment, love, and communication.

Long story, short: this show made an impact. My favorite songs from the new Age of Adz are “Too Much”, “I Walked”, “Vesuvius”, and “Impossible Soul”. Check them out below.

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Jen -November 30, 2010, 11:36AM

i was there! he was fantastic, and I was totally not expecting to see ribbondancers and such. he’s come such a long way

joanna -November 30, 2010, 12:13PM

very jealous. seems like a great band. love their new album!

zoe -December 5, 2010, 12:05AM

you’ve posted about so many artists that i LOVE so i just thought i’d recommend one of my other favorites that most people never really know of… his name is patrick watson. listen to anything off his album “wooden arms”…hopefully anyone reading would love him as much as i do!!

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