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just kids, part two

some quotes that stood out to me from the portion of just kids in which patti returns from her trip to paris and she and robert move into the chelsea hotel.  what i would give to be a fly on the wall of the hotel back in those days, when other guests and residents of the hotel included janis joplin, bob dylan, william s. burroughs, allen ginsberg and edie sedgewick…

“where does it all lead? what will become of us? these were our young questions, and young answers were revealed. it leads to each other. we become ourselves.”

“we learned we wanted too much.  we could only give from the perspective of who we were and what we had. apart, we were able to see with even greater clarity that we didn’t want to be without each other.”


“in between i clock the action. eyeing the traffic circulating the lobby hung with bad art. big invasive stuff unloaded on stanley bard in exchange for rent. the hotel is an energetic, desperate haven for scores of gifted hustling children from every rung of the ladder. guitar bums and stoned-out beauties in victoria dresses. junkie poets, playwrights, broke-down filmmakers, and french actors. everybody passing through here is somebody, if nobody in the outside world.”


“on that night, too excited to sleep, infinite possibilities seemed to swirl above me. i stared up at the plaster ceiling as i had done as a child. it seemed to me that the vibrating patterns overhead were sliding into place. the mandala of my life.”


“it is said that children do not distinguish between living and inanimate objects; i believe they do.  a child imparts a doll or tin soldier with magical life-breath.  the artist animates his work as the child his toys.”


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mia frances -January 24, 2011, 4:00PM

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