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“raindrops might fall on my head sometimes, but i don’t pay ’em any mind. then again, i guess it ain’t always that way.”

kurt vile may be one of the best artists to come out of philly in a long time.  after hearing his newest album, smoke ring for my halo, i feel that i can say that. i thought his last album was great, but it sort of fell into that lo-fi, psychedelic rock category that you hear so much of, it all starts to sound the same (in my opinion).  this album has a much cleaner sound and that’s a good thing- it allows vile’s guitar playing and lyrics to shine.  in some songs on this album he actually reminds me a lot of richard ashcroft, who i love.  you can stream the entire album right now on NPR, or listen to a few of the tracks below!

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rebecca -March 8, 2011, 12:57PM

I saw Kurt Vile open for Built to Spill a couple years ago and he was great. He gave a really intimate and passionate performance. I remember being impressed with all of the barre chords he did on his acoustic guitar. I’d recommend anyone to check him out live if you get the chance!

Paige -March 9, 2011, 4:09PM

Kurt Vile is good guy. He played a house show here in Arkansas at my friend’s house. He just hung out with us and then went and did he thing. So cool and great music!

erin -March 9, 2011, 8:00PM

I happened to stumble upon a band recently that really captures the free people spirit. They are called Stonefield and they are a band of 4 sisters from Australia ages 20-12 but these girls rock hard, siting bands like Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa as their major inflences.

Check out Stonefield here:

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