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Not too long ago I posted about a site called the burning house, which asks the question, if your house was burning down, what would you grab on your way out the door?

It’s a fascinating concept, so when our west coast visual manager sent me a photo album of photos that some of our store managers took of their items, I was excited to see what they selected – it’s a really neat way to see what someone’s priorities and passions are. Here are a few of them:

Maya: my kitty Zola, my favorite cowboy boots, my favorite summer tank top, all my most special accessories, my Moleskine journal (without it, I am lost!), my Hello Kitty pencil case that I have had since 4th grade, my favorite book, a picture of me and my childhood dog (Gideon), a rose for the Rose City (PORTLAND!), my phone, and my portfolio..and all of it can fit in my favorite bag!

Brandy: The first thing I’d have to grab is my Joey! These items are essential to our every day life. Comfort: our blankets we sleep with (mine was made by my grandmother). Books: Goodnight Moon & The Perks of Being a Wallflower (our favorites). Music: Joey’s bongos & my Radiohead vinyl. Memories: Her baby book. Clothing: my denim vest, a trusty pair of Chucks, my favorite purse and her boots!


Courtney: Oversized Shades, Moleskine Planner stuffed with important papers, leather bound journal, my all-time, favorite well- loved book, grey suede chucks, vintage whiting & davis wallet, cell phone, a stack of my most prized vintage tees, vintage sequined jacket, and betsey johnson sequined hoodie.

heidi denver

Heidi: vintage naugahyde overnighter, vintage vasque hiking boots, jewelry to sell on one of my etsy shops, ayumi horie mug that was gifted to me by my old bosses, leica d lux 3 + passport, ny driver’s license, starbucks card, polar georgia peach seltzer (i had a case fed-exed out here from mass), favorite jewelry, love letter from my boo, favorite vintage leather belt, keys to the black stallion, glasses, vintage new york license plate, burton limited edition francoise nielly lipstick snowboard, aerial7 headphones, stack of gap press, stack of nest , wacom tablet, macbook pro, cow skin rug to wrap it all up in.


Zayra: starting from top left corner and heading clockwise 1. Our baby succulent; 2. The Red Sox hat represents my fiancé, Ivan; 3. A handkerchief my grandma made for us; 4. Stone Cold Fox Navajos and a crisp white tee; 5. Letter “Z” diamond necklace was a gift Ivan gave me when we first started dating; 6. Picture of my dad and me on the wing of his plane back when he used to be a pilot.


Tina: my 2 chihuahuas (1 not pictured, jumped ship before pic was taken), scarf given to me, necklace found while thrifting, my collection of Lula magazines, locket with pic of me & my boyfriend when we were kiddies, minnetonka moccasins, lola perfume, babycakes cookbook (covers my sweet tooth & dairy allergy), my go-to denim jacket, wallet, ipod and complete series of daria.


Jennifer: 1.Claude jr., French Bulldog 2.Patch-work quilt constructed of fabrics from my childhood/life, made by my mother 3. Vintage cowgirl boots 4.Macbook pro, that holds all my photos 5.Pendleton bag 6.Small glass jar containing fur from my first dog, chocolate Lab ‘Gunnar’ 7.Leica V-LUX 20 (would never leave behind my camera). 8.Photo of my parents, circa 1970 9.Snakeskin wallet.


Emily: My converse (cant live without them), My favorite hat and scarf, Cap gun (to represent my love for country!) Pride and prejudice, My weights, My cook books, I have an obsession with marshmallows! Owl picture frame and my favorite necklace…it has a bike on it! :)

so cool…thanks for sharing ladies!

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BohoQueen -July 19, 2011, 10:36PM

I love seeing what other FP girls’ top priorities are! I love how almost eveyyone had their pet in the picture! I know that my cat, Molly, would be on the list too (I don’t know if I could get her to sit still for the picture of the items, though! LOL!). I love the vintage tees in Courtney’s photo, the baby succulent in Zayra’s photo, and the necklace in Tina’s photo. I will definitely be trying this when I have some free time! xoxo

gabby -July 21, 2011, 10:02AM

without a doubt one of my favorite posts! soo enjoyable :)

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