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Guest Post: Philadelphia Style Through Swedish Eyes

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Our friend Elsa of the blog Styleabaad put together this awesome guest post. Enjoy!

Philadelphia Style Through Swedish Eyes

If Stockholm was a garment it would without a doubt be a black leather jacket – classic, chic and a safe style bet. Philadelphia on the other hand would be something more complex, like a multicolored romper – experimental, colorful and a bit risky.

Moving from my native Sweden to Philadelphia was a cultural shock in several ways. Never had I talked to strangers in elevators before or got a compliment for my hat from someone on the street. I also quickly realized that when my beau and I went out for a bite at night people thought we were attending a black tie event rather than having an evening snack. The 60’s vintage silk dresses I felt so comfortable wearing for dinners in Stockholm suddenly made me feel like a snob in the bar next to people in flannel shirts and flip-flops.

Stockholm is known worldwide for it’s phenomenal street style and I couldn’t agree more. The streets are crowded with well-groomed guys in slim fitted jeans and 5.8 ft. women looking like they’ve just stepped out of an edgy editorial. However Sweden has always been a homogenous society, at least compared to the multicultural United States. This may be the reason why I’ve always thought that the Stockholm style was so uniform; everyone seems to have such similar idea of fashion, to the degree that I’m wondering where the creativity is. Maybe the carbon copy fashion is in our Swedish genes because of our society’s homogenous history… but one style fits all? I don’t believe so.

In Philadelphia I found myself reinventing my style. I had been detoxed of the minimalistic and formal Stockholm style and now felt this new city inviting me to express my personal style. Philadelphia is such a diverse city. Cultures, styles and trends all blend into a mix that might not necessarily be the most trendy but has influenced me to experiment more with how I dress. In Philadelphia I dress more casual, I wear more colors and I care way less about what everyone else is wearing. I’m thankful for the inspiration my new city has given me and I kind of like what my personal style has transformed into. In fact I’ve never expressed myself more through my style than I do today.



Collage images via Stockholm Streetstyle; others via Styleabaad.

Such an interesting perspective!! Thank you Elsa <3

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kristina@beancakes ★ -November 22, 2011, 12:05AM

this was such a great post elsa!! thanks for sharing!! i absolutely LOVE your style as you already know!!
xoxo ~ kristina

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