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DO: Set a far reaching goal









To tell you the truth, I missed a few days of my “5 Sun Salutations a day for 30 days” challenge. Each time I missed a day, I ended up getting really down on myself. I felt like it was just one little goal that I couldn’t accomplish.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to let up on myself. It’s not the only goal I have set right now, I have a lot – probably too many.  I sat back and realized that I’ve still made improvements. I’m now doing yoga more than twice as often as I used to, and I feel the results.

The lesson I’ve learned is this: You’re human – sometimes you’ll set goals and fail in carrying them out completely. What matters is that you set a goal and that you tried. At the very least you’ll wind up some place in between where you were before, and what you set out to do. You can’t accomplish every grand goal immediately. What you can do, is at least set them and begin to work toward what you want instead of sitting there static.

So figure out something grand,amazing,far-reaching that you want and set a goal. Work on all of the things you want to work on, but don’t expect to see completion on all of them right away.You may not accomplish goals the first time around, but you’ll be much closer for even trying.

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Elisa -January 28, 2012, 10:15AM

This is my new favorite Saturday Do. Something about the first image speaks to me! When I see my best friend next month I’m going to start working on convincing her that we need to take a trip to Spain together in the coming year.

chelsea ward -January 28, 2012, 12:59PM

Favorite Saturday DO! I’ve been working on a list of 24 goals to accomplish by my next birthday, the big 25! Biggest one (and favorite!): getting one of my children’s books in print! Thanks for the extra push :)

Rachael -January 28, 2012, 1:37PM

I officially just found out that I am going on a missions trip to Greece for 6 weeks this summer and I need to raise $5,600 for my trip. That is now my goal!:)I have an etsy account where I sell tea cup candles that I have made to help raise money.

Erin -January 28, 2012, 3:16PM

This seriously touched me so much. I often fear setting goals because I am afraid to fail. Even though Im fully aware that many people fail a lot and I am not the only one to do so. I am growing older and in a few years I should be getting a real job in the real job and officially starting my adult life. I need to start setting REAL goals and work toward them and have faith in myself that I can do things I set my mind to! Thank you for your words. They seem to be exactly what I need to hear right now.

Savannah Marie -January 28, 2012, 8:51PM

What a great set of photos!


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