DIY Gold Chain Rings from A Pair and a Spare

I have been into really thin rings in a big way lately – I keep spotting them on blogs and tumblr, and I love how delicate they look. Rumi rocks two little gold bands in the left photo, and on the right are a set of three that my dad gave me for Christmas (it’s crazy – he has the best taste in jewelry). So when Geneva (DIY master of A Pair and a Spare) and I were discussing ideas for guest posts on each others blogs, I jumped at the chance to post her awesome gold chain ring DIY. They have a similar delicate style to the bands above, and you can deck out your fingers with as many as you want!


You Need:
– Beading or long nosed pliers
– Around half a meter of delicate gold chain
– Small gold jump rings (relative to the size of your chain)



How to:
1. Take the chain and wrap it around your finger to measure how much chain you will need for the ring.
2. Cut the chain to the size required for the ring.
3. Open your jump ring.
4. Put one end of the chain onto the open jump ring.
5. Put the other end of the chain onto the jump ring.
6. Close the jump ring.

Now repeat this process for a few of your other fingers, including making smaller rings to sit above the top half of your finger. Enjoy!


Another fun thing you could try – use another piece of chain to connect the rings above and below your knuckle!


All images via A Pair and a Spare, except for top two. Thank you Geneva!


  1. Made one of these at work today with silver chain….(is it weird that I carry my craft bag to work with me everyday) :) i work as an optician and it gets boring on slow days, so I feel like a little old lady carrying around my bag of crafty’s =)

  2. just made these last night, and i love them! sadly my jump rings were too big for my chain, so I improvised and used some gold thread. barely noticeable, and so far they’re working just fine

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