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Guide to Vietnam: Halong Bay

After a four hour van journey to Halong Bay, the team was greeted by the lovely crew of the Bhaya, a beautiful boat with 20 rooms, dining and music.




We toured the breathtakingly beautiful bay, (which is filled with hundreds of limestone rocks of all different shapes and sizes) as the sun set, and had a delicious moonlit dinner on board as we drifted along the calm, twinkling water.

Halong Bay is listed as one of the new 7 wonders of the world and is a must see!


According to local legend, the Vietnamese had to ward off invaders when they began to develop their country. To assist them in defending their land, the gods sent a family of dragons as protectors. This family of dragons began spitting out jewels and jade.

The jewels turned into the islands and islets dotting the bay and linked together to form a wall against the invaders. Magically, the numerous rock mountains appeared in the sea ahead of the invaders’ ships, and the forward boats struck the rocks and each other.

After winning the battle, the dragons chose to live a peaceful life on Earth and made their home in this bay. The place where the mother dragon descended was named Ha Long.



The next day we visited the Vung Vieng floating fishing village. There are rowboat markets in the bay where you can buy local resources – the market moves from village to village!



What we packed:



Bikini: Solid Sophia Top and Solid Fonda Bottoms

Tops: Zig Zag Cami and Crewelwork Hooded Top

Bottoms: Colored Denim Cutoff Shorts and High Waisted Baja Striped Shorts

Shoes: Avalon Sandal

Bag: Pacific Coast Crossbody

Accessories: Pastel Fold Away Sunglasses, Tonal Flower Tie, Trust Bracelet Set, Balance Bracelet Set

Our producer’s blog; photos by Thomas Northcut.
Music in video by Cambodian Rocks.

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Alex -March 7, 2012, 3:53PM

I was actually just in Halong Bay in Vietnam last week! SO beautiful! It’s incredible that the March catalogue was taken in Vietnam! Can’t wait to get my copy in the mail!

Mylissa -March 7, 2012, 7:41PM

When I found out that one of my favorite brands is traveling to my family’s home country, I was suprised I had to tell them that they were doing it for a catalog.

Becky -March 7, 2012, 8:52PM

I just finished watching the film, Indochine, and became obsessed with the idea of traveling to Vietnam to explore Halong Bay. And then lo and & behold Free People put together this wonderful travelog!!! Thank You! Whoever put it together did an amazing job; it looks like a lot of effort went into organizing all of these beautiful photos and compiling the information

Maria -March 7, 2012, 11:23PM

Me dan mucha lastima esos niños pobrecitos que se ven alli :( ya me imagino como se quedaban viendo tanto deroche de belleza y lujo y ellos tan pobres, no se me hace bonito el que visiten lugares pobres y que quieran contrastar la belleza de una modelo con la humildad de la gente, hasta se me olvida ver lo bello del paisaje y la ropa de la tristeza que me da ver a la gente tan marginada, casi lloro de ver a estos niñitos :/ Todo lo demás es excelente, pues que se puede decir si ustedes son la punta de lanza o sea los que van delante en vanguardia etc, etc,

Alanna -March 7, 2012, 11:46PM

Beautiful, I was just in Ha Long Bay and other areas in Northern Vietnam this summer. Simply the most amazing place i have seen, love to see this inspiration translated into your brand <3

Claudia -March 8, 2012, 1:23AM

First of all, I absolutely love your clothes and your store, all your products are perfect to me, but right here, right now I need to make an observation. It’s really sad to see this type of picture, two pretty women wearing your perfect and beautiful clothes but also expensive, side a side with two small children that seem poor and scared; it’s pretty ironic and also reflects a huge contrast
between these people. Maybe if free people made a donation or helps them somehow it would be ok to take this picture, but I really don’t know if you did this. I don’t know the reason of this picture and what your point is or what you meant, but to me it’s sad to see this kind of things in brands and stores that I respect and love, mostly in times like these of trouble and poorness across the globe
Thanks for your time and understanding.
(P.S. I love and admire all the things that you do, most of the times haha)

Cherieboo -March 8, 2012, 11:55AM

I TOTALLY agree with Claudia’ comment! FP Model’s wearing expensive clothes, next to two young children. FP are making A LOT of money, and can afford to pay these two young children the same wage!I am a tailor and I know alot of your clothes are so cheap to make! Unfinished hems,etc. Do not get me wrong; I love FP’s garments. I can afford them, but ALOT of women cannot. Especially, in these difficult financial times! Thing’s are even more expensive here in MI for your clothes, because you buuilt a store in the most expensive Mall in MI. Now, I have to pay taxes plus S&H. You give out no coupon’s, no breaks. Once in awhile we might geet a free shipping-WOW!!! Don’t do us any BIG FAVOR’s. And, to receive a sale price after you just bought the article-you just get 14 days. I NEVER heard of such a thing. Even The BIG Department stores give you an year to return an item and sale credit!!! Please give us FP buyer’s a Break!

Kim -March 10, 2012, 3:47AM

I was excited to see that you travelled to Vietnam for this lookbook. But it’s strange how this was taken in Vietnam and marketed as Vietnam but the song is in not Vietnamese. It’s Cambodian!? Not the same thing… all. I find it a bit disrespectful considering you have lots of Vietnamese customers and you also manufacture some of your items in Vietnam too.

Susan -March 11, 2012, 11:15AM

Gorgeous! We had the amazing opportunity to experience this for ourselves last summer…

Karmel -March 11, 2012, 8:26PM

I think the video and pictures are beautiful. I love that you used Vietnam as the backdrop for this shoot.

Oriental Sails -July 10, 2012, 4:58AM

Useful information. Thanks for sharing.

Surprising Halong Bay -November 11, 2013, 2:09AM

Don’t forget to get a kayak tour in Halong Bay. It’s great experience

Starlight Cruises -October 16, 2014, 10:01PM

Ha Long is great location for a vacation.

Cath -January 30, 2015, 11:26PM

I loved Halong Bay -it was just beautiful – the canoeing was breathtaking. A beautiful part of the world

Halong Bay Tours -February 7, 2015, 3:19AM

Thank you very much for useful information. I love Halong!

Jimmie -September 23, 2015, 12:48PM

Halong Bay is a gentle beauty that somehow mesmerizes you. It is the quiet and the calm. To experience it properly you should take an overnight boat trip so you can see it in late evening and early morning. You can also see the stars at night.

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