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Snapshot: Marina Faria, Brazil

Marina Faria’s photography has me craving summer beach days in the worst way…

Lives in: São Sebastião, a small city in the seashore of São Paulo, Brazil.

Shoots with: I mostly use lomography cameras, like the Diana Mini, the Fisheye, Sprocket Rocket and the Supersampler, although I also use an analogue Pentax sometimes, and a Canon 60D.

Favorite subject: I guess it would be the beach. Not only the beach itself, but all it surroundings, friends together, happy people having a good time, surfing, sunsets and all the nature around.

Inspired by: Inspiration comes from things I see, places I go, people around me…Maybe it comes from the sunlight, bright colors of nature, an outdoor lifestyle, joyful moments with friends.

The Analog Love Project: Analog Love is a compilation of my analogue pictures. I think when they are put together they create a joyful wave, put some color into your day. I like all the process of taking analogue pictures, and I do it with much love. So in this blog I can share all this love.

Random fact: Hum…Even though I was born by the beach and have being surfing for some years, the first time I tried snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, 2008, I fell in love with that more then anything in my life.

Analog Love

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Anonymous -March 31, 2012, 4:35PM

hi im a free people fan and i’d like to know how do you make this kind of collafes or photos , if its like an app or a program .
thanks :)

Marina Faria -April 2, 2012, 8:39AM

All these pictures are analogue, taken with Lomography cameras.
None of them was digitally enhanced or manipulated, they just came out like this!

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