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We here at Free People are BIG fans of Angus Stone, as well as Isabel Lucas, so when we saw his new video featuring his lovely girlfriend, we all fell in love with it. These two have some sort of magical quality about them, they both shine like stars… it’s no wonder they found each other. Check out the video and let us know if you love it too!

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Taylor -April 30, 2012, 7:06PM

oh. my. gosh.
love him, she’s gorgeous.
This video is so mystical and captured perfectly!
It seriously makes me want to write poetry with illustrations.
I think I might do that now, & this video will be on a loop haha!

Vera Black -June 6, 2012, 8:50AM

Hi there, I designed the feather jewelry for Angus, I’ve also done stuff for Isabel Lucas and Julia Stone..stop by my design site and your can also hear my music at

Peace Love Music Feathers
Vera Black

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