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By Tracy Allen – Week of April 30th – May 6th 2012

TAURUS ~ April 20-May 20

I once asked a fellow astrologer what he thought Tauruses could teach Scorpios—their opposite in the zodiac—and he replied, “Sometimes a chair is just a chair.” Your rock-of-Gibraltar sign grounds their death-and-rebirth energy. Their deep, dark vortex is soothed by your simplicity and stability. This polarity will be evident when the full moon shines in Scorpio on Saturday, reflecting the light of the sun in Taurus. Notice what form of Taurus energy you’re exuding (steadfast? stuck in your ways? peaceful? predictable?) and what reactions it’s inciting in others. Let the complex lunar emotions work their way through you and stir your unflappability. You can find a sweet spot between complicated and uncomplicated if you’re conscious of the nuances.



GEMINI ~ May 21-June 20

Do you ever wish you could carry around a help button, like the ones that come with airplane seats and hospital beds? Verbal Mercury is in your networking sector, encouraging you to reach out and ask for assistance. And when it clicks with charismatic Venus in Gemini this week, you have the potential to attract friends, acquaintances or contacts, who can help you shine. Venus rules our values, and when she’s in your sign, it’s a welcome reminder that what you draw in is a reflection of how you’re feeling about yourself. People will take you seriously if you take yourself seriously.




CANCER ~ June 21-July 22

Martha Stewart happens to be a Leo, but it’s your sign that wears the domestic-goddess crown. Of course not every Crab knows what a springform pan is for. (If you’re a New Yorker, you may even be using your oven for sweater storage!) Regardless, this is an ideal week to locate and unleash your inner Martha. Your ruling planet, the moon, is transiting your home sector and meets up with ambitious Saturn on Friday. So a big endeavor—such as stripping and refinishing a flea market find or throwing a dinner party—will give you a mood-boosting sense of accomplishment.




LEO ~ July 23-August 22

My friend Alissa is one of my favorite people to talk about life with, because she’s not only smart (writing her dissertation on Hobbes!), she’s wise. Sometimes when I’m attempting to think something all the way through to the end, to gain a sense of control, she stops me in my tracks with these words: “You’re thinking teleologically.” Teleology is a philosophical doctrine that presumes there’s a final purpose to things. It’s the idea that everything can be whittled down to some ultimate conclusion, such as a Creator behind the universe. When Mercury in your beliefs sector opposes Saturn in your thoughts zone this week, I urge you to consider Alissa’s words of wisdom. Or as Rainer Maria Rilke put it, “Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”




VIRGO ~ August 23-September 22

Mars has been in your sign since November, but when the moon joins this mover-and-shaker planet, your actions become colored by your feelings. Ponder the things you’ve set about trying to achieve these past several months and ask yourself, “Do I care about this? Is it feeding an important part of me? Is it good for me? Does it contribute to my sense of security?” The moon is about your emotional needs and what makes you feel content. Tease out the nonessential endeavors from your calendar, the ones that hollow you out rather than fill you up, and delete what’s in your power to say no to.



LIBRA ~ September 23-October 22

If you know a little about your sign, you probably know that you’re supposed to be the diplomats of the zodiac. You’d be well advised to embrace your reputation this week when the gentle moon enters lovely Libra and comes into conflict with almost every other planet in the days that follow. Whether you’re putting your peacemaker skills to the test with others or just finding a peaceful place in your own head, exercise your ability to rise above the fray. In the scheme of things, this tension is quite fleeting, so you’ll only need to be the voice of reason or recite your mantra for a bit, until the equilibrium is restored.




SCORPIO ~ October 23-November 21

The full moon in your intense sign on Saturday opposes excessive Jupiter and the sun in your relationships sector. This astrological happening highlights both the depth of your needs and their role as the driving force behind your hopes for the future. Scorpios feel like themselves when they’re experiencing strong emotions, so you could easily get swept up in the crescendo of pure feeling that a full moon often elicits. Even if it seems like a crisis point where something’s gotta give, you don’t necessarily have to do anything. The tide will shift on its own. Try being still and observing what the moon is illuminating in your life.




SAGITTARIUS ~ November 22-December 21

Chatty Mercury in your fun sector, affectionate Venus in your relationships angle and the sensitive moon in your friends zone are all conspiring to keep you out of the house this week. Your upbeat attitude is meant to be shared, so spread it around generously. Say yes to any and all social engagements, and be open to inviting someone new into your life. Not necessarily a love interest, but definitely don’t rule out the possibility if you’re looking. Just being around people will increase your high now. If you put yourself out there, you’ll be like a self-generating power supply.




CAPRICORN ~ December 22-January 19

You Caps are remarkably invested in carving out your place in the world, and subsequently, the theme of work/life balance seems to be a recurring one in your life. It comes up again this week when the sensitive moon in your career zone clashes with four other planets in your home and play sectors.  Take a step back from office politics and power plays and do something simple that will put you in a childhood frame of mind. Jump rope, reread Alice in Wonderland, build something with Legos—anything that will bring you back into balance.





AQUARIUS ~ January 20-February 18

With Mercury in speedy Aries in your cognitive zone, you might be impatient to simplify something in your head. But when Merc faces off with authoritative Saturn in your beliefs sector, someone could challenge your one-sided thinking with an opposing viewpoint. Mercury, the trickster god, dwells at crossroads and on thresholds; his nature is fluid. And the planet that bears his name rules our thought process. So try to be more flexible in your thinking now. Look at outside input as a chance to round out your perception. You may change your mind and find that there’s more than one answer.





PISCES ~ February 19-March 20

The realm of the imagination is Pisces’ natural habitat. And with your ruler, Neptune, in its home sign, you may be logging even more hours than usual daydreaming. But planetary activity in your distant-journeys sector this week rouses you to broaden your horizons on terra firma. You don’t even need to travel to make it happen (although if you can swing a getaway, go for it!) Watch Open City to experience Rome during WWII occupation. Or visit an immersive museum like the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle or the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. The idea is to push past your daily existence and expand your mind, but not in an escapist way—in a way that will make you contemplate someone else’s reality.


ARIES ~ March 21-April 19

Loquacious Mercury has been in your sign on and off since the beginning of March, so you’ve had plenty to say, some of which has gone unsaid. During Mercury’s retrograde period—when it dipped back into bleary Pisces—thoughts got bottled up or came out in a muddled fashion. This week, when Mercury encounters the emotional moon and serious Saturn in your relationships angle, it’s time for straight talk. Keep the lines of communication open and muster some Aries courage to release whatever’s been weighing on you. Express your feelings honestly and directly for your own peace of mind.




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lauren -May 1, 2012, 11:30AM

I love this new section of the blog! I’ve been hoping to stumble across a horoscope that actually makes sense. Thank you!

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