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Office Style: Updating the Basic

Girls this week at the home office added cool and different accessories to make their looks fresh and new.

Penny Loafers and polka dot socks gave a baby doll dress a 50’s flare, while neon and red clashed together to make a basic jean and tee look a bit more interesting. They really did rock new ways to wear mainstream outfits and they even decided to make their lunch fashionable by wrapping it in scarves! See below for little details we loved this week in Office Style.

Penny loafers and polka dot socks with a baby doll dress

Great heels with a casual outfit

Our Tie Dye Floral Printed Short with statement heels

Double denim on denim with our Chambray Bandana Buttondown

Make your lunch cute by wrapping it in scarves

Clash neon with a primary colour to make interesting a casual look

Give a little dress a big personality with a hat

Layer a cute romper over a pretty shirt for a bit of difference

Stay tuned for next week office style!

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Christina -April 26, 2012, 12:33PM

All of you are so cute! I especially love all the oxfords.

I made some Nutella Stuffed Strawberries. Come see!


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