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DO: Make a list

When was the last time you wrote something down on a to-do list, and it just magically happened soon after? Or, you spelled out a list of life goals, and a wave of relief washed over you with clarity? There is something to be said for both the practical and psychological power of making a list.

Like a diary, lists capture the power of words and use them advantageously. The tactile experience of writing something down helps to sort out thoughts, priorities, and goals. You feel more accountable to things on your to-do list after putting them on paper, and you see life in perspective by spelling out a list of goals and reasons why.

Sometimes, with a million wants and desires running through your head, it’s important to single out what’s top priority. Lists help you to sort through the plethora of options and focus on what matters to you most. Do you need to buy a new set of fancy makeup, or would you rather save for that trip to South America? Perhaps with “trip to South America” written down on your “what to do this year” list, you’ll think thing twice about spending money on that frivolous buy.

So make a list – of reasons why you love somebody, what you need to get done this afternoon, places you want to visit in the next five years – whatever is on your mind. Allow yourself time to filter through the tasks and goals in your head, examine them, refer back, and use the list as a guideline for what you care about and what you want to get done. You’ll be more likely to accomplish what you want to when it’s listed out for you. Plus, there’s just something so good about being able to cross one of those items off your list.

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Monika -April 23, 2012, 3:36AM

Great inspiration!

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