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Marley: The Documentary

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There are few musicians who are as widely loved and celebrated as Bob Marley. He brought reggae music to the mainstream, and created songs that would live on long after he did – songs of positivity, triumph, freedom and love.  They have become the soundtrack for countless fond memories, my own included.  To this day, I cannot listen to certain songs – particularly the Legend opener “Is This Love” without being transported back to my childhood, spending summers at the beach with my family. While his music is known by pretty much everyone, not all know his life story.  With the new documentary film “Marley,” directed by Kevin McDonald, viewers get a glimpse into the man behind the music in the most revealing and comprehensive film about his life to date.


McDonald worked with Marley’s family to delve deeper into his childhood, growing up poor in Jamaica’s Nine Miles and Trenchtown, and being raised by his Jamaican mother while his father, a British man in the military, was largely absent.  It explores his struggle as he dropped out of school to pursue music, going on to become a worldwide star who used his fame to bring attention to oppressed people in his hometown and everywhere – often putting his own life at risk. Also not left out are his personal relationships with his wife and children, and his involvement with the Rastafari movement.

For fans of Bob Marley, it’s a must-see glimpse into the life of a man who will never cease to fascinate and inspire; for those who aren’t as familiar with the man or his music, it’s more than likely to turn you into a super fan like the rest of us :)


Marley is playing in select theaters now and is also on demand – check out the website for more info.


Coco -May 5, 2012, 7:50PM

I LOVE Bob Marley!!! He still is such an inspiration to put things into perspective, be happy, and be significant in this world. Cant wait to see this doc!

Terri Lynn -May 25, 2012, 4:04PM


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