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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of June 25 – July 1, 2012

cancer star sign illustration


June 21-July 22

The sun is lighting up your sign, while Saturn turns direct in your foundation angle, lending you energy as well as a solid base. Picture yourself as a tree, with roots that sink firmly into the earth; a durable, centered trunk; branches that aspire to great heights; and limbs that sway flexibly in the wind. Stay grounded and maintain your high hopes, but adapt to a struggle at work or in a relationship without coming unhinged. You’re tempted either to dig in and view the situation as black and white or to head for the nearest exit, but you’ll find rolling with it to be the best strategy. Weather the passing storm with resilience, maintaining a strong core. Here’s a little video for inspiration…or a laugh.



leo star sign illustration



July 23-August 22

Venus’s about-face in your friend zone and Saturn’s in your communication sector mean you’ll be able to relate to others much more easily now than in recent weeks. Although Venus’s retrograde had the upside of reconnecting us with people from the past, we all felt vaguely melancholic while the planet of affection traveled backwards. Leos’ warmth and loyalty to their tribe are central to their identity; you don’t feel quite like yourself when there’s a chill in the air. Embrace the social upswing and reach out—especially to siblings and groups—to process all the changes happening in your life.


virgo star sign illustration



August 23-September 22

Great news: Your financial outlook shows signs of improvement. Saturn—the planet that wants us to earn everything the hard way—has been doling out lessons in your money house for the last few years. As he turns direct and heads into the home stretch in this area of your chart, you should be incorporating what you’ve learned from Saturn’s tough love. Valuable Venus’s forward motion in your ambition angle now highlights your professional worth, reminding you that your career path and the road to riches need to converge. And although hard work will be necessary, bountiful Jupiter recently showed up in your career sector as well. Jupiter’s philosophy, in contrast to Saturn’s, is that a bit of luck never hurts!


libra star sign illustration



September 23-October 22

You’ve gotten used to hosting heavyweight Saturn in your sign, and the end is in sight—only three more months. He’s even taught you a thing or two about responsibility, maturity, discipline, patience and perseverance. But with Venus, your ruling planet, traveling retrograde the last six weeks, it felt like the universe was adding insult to injury. Can’t a fair-minded scales girl get a break? The answer is yes. Both Saturn and Venus go direct this week, putting the wheels of progress (and pleasure) in motion. Your head is filled with fantasies about the future, all of which involve escaping your current daily grind. Saturn has given you the tools to turn your fantasies into reality—for instance, today’s hard work could facilitate backpacking around Europe tomorrow!


scorpio star sign illustration


October 23-November 21

“The heart has reasons. We must not patronize them or explain them away. The heart sees, and we must look with it…if we are to see.” ~Peter Kreeft

Sanguine Jupiter took up residence in your intimacy house last week, and this week, loving Venus moves forward in the same spot—so you’re starting to feel more hopeful about getting close to somebody. Confounding Neptune is still clouding the picture in your romance sector, though, causing you to grapple with the question of what’s real and what’s not. Saturn to the rescue. (Ironic, since Saturn’s whole spiel is you must learn to do everything for yourself!) When the taskmaster planet turns direct in your intuition zone, that voice inside your head pipes up, saying things like “Trust your gut. Keep the faith. Your emotions hold truth.” Even if the final outcome is a big question mark at this point, work on respecting your feelings without deconstructing them ad infinitum.

sagittarius star sign illustration



November 22-December 21

With hold-up-wait-a-minute Saturn in your group zone and Venus and Jupiter in your partnership zone, you’ve been relying on others in order to get things off the ground. And your gung-ho sign can get pretty antsy waiting on people. (My Sag friend Ann has spent countless hours of her life waiting in the car while everyone inside the house readies themselves in slow motion for some outing or another. She optimistically assumes “We’ll leave in five minutes” means just that!) The thing is, we’ve all been in a state of semi-limbo while Venus and Saturn were in retrograde. When both planets kick back into gear this week, expect your joint efforts to at least inch forward. To be proactive, contact the necessary parties and talk next steps.



capricorn star sign illustration



December 22-January 19

Your ruler, Saturn, is turning direct in your ambition angle, while Venus moves forward in your job sector. Those two things—coupled with Jupiter’s foray into your job sector—mean career issues are moving back onto the front burner. Not that they really left, but the retrogrades slowed things down enough to allow you to think about other areas of your life for a minute. A communication problem with co-workers pops up again at the beginning of the workweek, but a one-on-one talk later in the week should clear the air.


aquarius star sign illustration



January 20-February 18

Happy-go-lucky Jupiter and Venus getting up to speed in your play zone are two signs that point to fun and romance now. And Saturn’s direct turn in your future sector suggests you’re getting serious about what you want to see happen next. A positive attitude and a dash of radical thinking could set you up for a memorably great summer. Two potential obstacles to bliss—blowing a romantic prospect out of proportion or not being clear on what resources you have/need for all that summer fun. Sidestep those roadblocks, and you’re cleared for takeoff.


pisces star sign illustration



February 19-March 20

Fishes need release valves for their active imaginations, and with freewheeling Jupiter in your domestic angle, home beautification is your best bet. Aesthetic Venus has been in that angle for weeks, but her forward turn this week—combined with smart Mercury’s entry into your details zone—helps you to get down to the nitty-gritty of whatever around-the-house project you’ve got cooking. You’re known more for dreaming things up than mapping them out, but that needn’t be the case during the next couple of months. To start things off right, make an action plan to go with your wish list, then figure out how to merge them.


aries star sign illustration



March 21-April 19

Progressive Jupiter in your cognitive zone clashes with vague Neptune in your intuition sector this week, so you’re thinking big, but it’s tough to tell which notions are realistic and which are pie-in-the-sky. Venus’s forward motion in your communication house and Saturn’s direct turn in your relationship angle will help disperse the fog. Bounce your ideas off a friend whose opinion you respect—to get her point of view, not necessarily her advice. Something going on with your home, career or family is also throwing you off. A reminder to autonomous Aries: Opening up can calm the commotion in your head, and it doesn’t mean you’re not independent. It means you’re smart enough to seek out other perspectives.



taurus star sign illustration


April 20-May 20

Your ruling planet, Venus, finally goes direct after traveling retrograde for six long weeks that have had us all singing “Where Is the Love?” Validation from others hasn’t exactly been forthcoming while this relational planet backpedaled her way through your self-worth house. But with ebullient Jupiter hanging there now, and Venus getting back up to speed, you should start to feel better. If you’re still experiencing some insecurity over your value to others, the antidote is productivity. Results-oriented Saturn is also moving forward this week in your work zone. Apply yourself to a task that you excel at, and your efforts will remind you and others how much you have to offer.



gemini star sign illustration


May 21-June 20

Things are definitely looking up! Venus turns direct in your sign, where glass-half-full Jupiter is already encouraging you to aim high with your goals for the year. And your ruler—brainy Mercury—zips into your cerebral sector, helping your synapses to fire on all cylinders. One drawback: Hazy Neptune in your ambition angle means you probably won’t be able to envision the end results of all this exuberance right now. Don’t worry about completion—or feedback—at this stage. You have so much going on that you’re better off riding the wave of enthusiasm and focusing on your pet projects.



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Charlotte -June 24, 2012, 2:09PM

I love these horoscopes, they are so unique and thoughtful compared to the standard horoscope in cheap newspapers and magazines!!

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