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Guest Post: Summer Tunes from Friendly Fires

Some music just sets the soundtrack for summer. When I hear music from the band Friendly Fires, it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside. I see and feel absolute sunshine no matter what! Friendly Fires are a band from St Albans, Hertfordshire, England who are signed to XL Recordings. I fell in love with their music after hearing songs from their first self-titled album which released in 2008, and was stoked to hear they were releasing a new album Pala last year. Friendly Fires are one of the few bands from whom I can honestly say I love everything I’ve heard. From their upbeat, heart pounding dance tracks, to their slower, dreamy tracks, they make the perfect soundtrack for adventurous summer days and nights.

Friendly Fires is also one of the most invigorating bands to see live. Although they are only a three-piece, each member has enough energy to electrify the entire audience into moving their feet. The lead singer Ed Macfarlane has some serious dance moves, and loves to jump out into the crowd to challenge the audience to a dance off. Drummer Jack Savidge and guitarist Edd Gibson have an absolutely entrancing energy while playing that it is almost impossible, between the music and visual stimulation, not to get a month’s worth of a dance during one of their shows.

The band makes sure all aspects of their music are accounted for and are not shy to produce epic music videos to go along with their tracks. Some of my favorite videos of theirs include the confetti filled “Skeleton Boy”, dance and drum filled “Kiss Of Life”, and the visualization of travel fears and tropics in the first single from Pala “Hawaiian Air”. Although they are not announced to play shows in US in the near future, our friends around the world can see Friendly Fires live as they play 17 festivals over the summer including headlining Lovebox Festival in London on June 16th. Check out some of my favorite music videos and songs from the band below!

See if Friendly Fires is coming to your hood – tour dates.


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