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Small Space Gardening Ideas

On a warm summer morning, what’s better than waking up and stepping right outside onto your patio, barefoot, with no plans other than to explore the gorgeous, overgrown, garden in your backyard, stopping to admire the newly budding flowers and taking in the most exquisite scents your nostrils have ever experienced? Except that most people I know don’t own such a garden. Because our backyards are the size of our bathrooms.

Don’t fret, though, because there are a ton of ways to get around it! Here are some great small space gardening ideas:

Pallet gardens are amazing – and take up no space at all! Fill a pallet with soil, plant an eclectic mix of greenery, hang it on a wall, and watch it come to life! (Quick tip: Certain stores, like hardware stores, discard of pallets all the time – ask around and you’ll be sure to score a free one!)

Chandelier gardens are incredibly beautiful — and you can hang them outside or in!

I love the idea of a suitcase garden just chilling outside in the sun. Something about it seems so untouched and natural (even though you totally just planted those flowers in there an hour ago).

Wine crate gardens! These are excellent because they’re so portable — you can put them in a new spot every day! That is, if your yard is bigger than the crate, of course (mine isn’t).

Fairy gardens are all the rage right now. What is it that’s so endearing about all things bite-sized? I’m in love.

Dresser gardens! Such a simple idea, yet such a strong impact.

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Tara -June 14, 2012, 4:19PM

I love the first one! Weekend project here I come.

Amanda -June 27, 2012, 11:25AM

So many great ideas to spruce up a garden! I really love the idea of the Dresser Garden; gives the garden a cool, vintage vibe. Chandelier gardens are also adorable! Please be sure to check out!

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