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Décor Crush: Photo Booth Backdrops

One of the best parts about being at a party is taking photos. Of course you can look your best, eat the most delicious food, laugh your head off, and dance until you collapse, but without photos it’s hard to truly feel how great of a time you had once the time has passed and you’re looking back on the event. Enter the photo booth backdrop.

The idea of a photo booth is nothing new. These things have been around forever! But in recent years, having a designated – and extremely creative – area for taking photos has become a party essential. And why shouldn’t it be? Photo booths rule. Not only do they help you to remember who was at your party and how much fun it was, they’re an excellent way to showcase your creativity and décor skills! Here’s a little collection of the best photo booth backdrops I’ve seen thus far! Have you ever created an awesome photo booth backdrop? We want to see! Describe it for us in the comments and leave a link to a photo :)

Summer Photo Booth Backdrop

I love the simple color palette and the extreme texture here! Plus, it has such a sunny, summery feeling.

Picture Frame Wall Photo Booth Backdrop

I love this idea so much! People can stand behind each open frame and instantly become a photo on an adorable wall gallery.

Vintage Door Photo Booth Backdrop

This looks like it was meant to be a wedding alter, but this could totally double as a photo booth. Vintage doors, you guys. Say no more to me.

Streamer Photo Booth Backdrop

This reminds me of a photo booth backdrop I made for a New Year’s Eve party I had. Lots of streamers and layers on layers!

Bamboo Photo Booth Backdrop

How cool would it be to have photo booth photos within your photo booth photos?! Trippy.

Best Photo Booth Setup

This is my absolute favorite. There is SO much going on – in the best way possible – and it just seems like such a chill place to hang out! I’d love to see how these photos turned out.

Jail Photo Booth

But wait. A jail booth?! This one’s awesome, too. Seeing people taking mug shots in the finest of clothes would be so hilarious.

Click on images for sources; top image source.

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diyearte by L & S -August 6, 2012, 5:39AM

wooow! we love it!!

DIY and more:

Cynthia Goss -August 18, 2012, 12:05AM

I love these ideas :) This is one I did last year!

Taylor -September 16, 2012, 10:05AM

I too am obsessed with vintage glass bottles/jars! I made some vignettes with them the other day…lots of plants, crystals and family photos. There is an animal reserve behind my house, and I have been able to find quite a few old bottles and jars. My favorite is a Bayer aspirin bottle. I googled it and it was at least from the 70’s! There is so much you can do with vintage glass…the inspiration above displays the possibilities! Love this post so much! :)

Photo Booth -September 19, 2012, 9:27AM

These are some of the best looking photo booths that I have ever seen! I have seen photo booths used for weddings, and they are one of the best attractions at each! Where do you get these ideas? They look great!

Joemel -October 17, 2012, 4:40AM

I love the crafts and props that you use on a photo booth and using these you can also create a family booth and serve as an unforgettable souvenir.

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Alfonso -August 4, 2013, 4:01AM

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