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Editorial We Love: Wendy Bevan For Muse Magazine S/S 2009

There’s something eerie about Wendy Bevan’s work – like ghosts caught in a movie set or in a painting. She creates worlds that I wouldn’t dream of entering,  yet I want to; there’s something that entices me. She portrays something ethereal; something so haunting that it sends shivers down my spine. Her imagery is dark with pastel tones that give a sense of beauty. For Muse Magazine she created a carnival – the type of carnival that maybe as a child would be your worst nightmare. Her work is beautiful, there’s no denying it. It’s reminiscent of paintings you would see hanging in a museum, but instead they grace the pages of magazines.

Wendy Bevan

Wendy Bevan

Wendy Bevan

Wendy Bevan

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Images from Wendy Bevan

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