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Scenes From Our (Colorful!) Office This Week

Come on in and see what we’ve been up to this week…

FP Shani brought in her amazing nail polish stash so we can do some fun nail art!

floral bouquet

This incredible bouquet appeared in our lobby!

floral bouquet

amanda smith

Gorgeous model Amanda Smith was in our studio for a special shoot that will be online soon!

designer's desk

Designer necessities.

free people goodie bags

Isn’t this a cute idea for goodie bags?


FP Jemma sketching.

desk space

FP Brigette’s crazy desk space :)

vintage dresses

Vintage party dresses.


Pups hard at work!

tree of scarves

A tree of scarves…

free people corduroy

…or a branch to hang corduroy from.

free people home office

free people home office



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Molly -August 24, 2012, 9:36AM

open a headquarters in Austin so I can work there :)

tiffany -August 24, 2012, 2:50PM

Love those pink flowers


sarah garcia -August 24, 2012, 9:39PM

Hey, was just looking around, I love those hangers for the pants. Can I buy them and where can I buy them, if possible?

stephanie lauren -August 24, 2012, 9:44PM

i know those pups!

Moni -August 24, 2012, 11:17PM

I had the same question as sarah garcia. Where did you get the pants hangers from?

LA Forbes -August 25, 2012, 7:36PM

How are the goodie bags made?

Lauren -August 25, 2012, 8:34PM

Just thinking outside the box, the hangers for the pants are a lot like shower curtain hooks which are cheap and hang items nicely!

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