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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of September 10-16.

virgo star sign illustration



August 23-September 22

We could all use a new beginning periodically, and a new moon in your sign this week gives you one. It not only joins forces with the energizing sun and thinker Mercury (who happens to rule Virgo), but also links up with action-hero Mars, who’s traveling through your cerebral house. To make the most of it, put plenty of brains and brawn into reinventing yourself this birthday season. Mercury wants you to think hard, while Mars wants you to come up with action steps. Assess your current circumstances—something nobody does better than a Virgo—and recalibrate your goals based on this evaluation. And don’t forget to do a self-appraisal as well. How have you changed in the past year, and do those changes call for a new vision of the coming year? Make sure your birthday wish list reflects who you are and what you value today.


libra star sign illustration



September 23-October 22

You’re in the process of shifting gears in at least one area of your life, and during this period of flux, starting a new spiritual practice or reviving an old one will ground you immensely. Saturn in Libra has put you through the wringer the last few years, and you’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to positive Jupiter in your future sector. Spirituality can center you in the now and allay worries about yesterday and tomorrow. Meditation, hiking through a forest, reading the Bible, working with the chakras…what constitutes a spiritual practice is up to you.


scorpio star sign illustration



October 23-November 21

The hopes-and-wishes house in your chart also happens to be the affiliations-and-networking house. That’s because ideally, the groups you belong to and the people you associate with share your interests or at least support them. The new moon in that house this week asks the question: “Do you have a team that’s aligned with what you want to accomplish?” With motivated Mars in your sign, you’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting, but Venus in your ambition angle is helping you attract people who can help you reach your goals. You’ll be even more appealing to higher-ups if you avoid obsessive thinking and heavy conversations. Instead, come up with innovative solutions and demonstrate flexibility by breaking old patterns.


sagittarius star sign illustration



November 22-December 21

Covetous Venus in your travel-and-education sector has you longing to spread your wings. You want to explore uncharted territories, eat exotic foods, speak a foreign language and have brand new experiences that teach you and push you to grow. This week, Venus encounters Pluto in your money house and Uranus in your creativity sector, suggesting that your longed-for adventures may not be in sync with your cash flow, but if you think outside the box, you can come up with ways to make things happen. Don’t place too many expectations on other people, though. Independence will give you more leeway to come up with a workable plan. Plus solo adventures will give you confidence and may even highlight how you’ve sold yourself short in the past.


capricorn star sign illustration



December 22-January 19

When a new moon rises in your house of big ideas and clicks with mental Mercury and bold Mars, you’re encouraged to honor the new beliefs you’ve gradually been forming about your future. You get the feeling this week that your deepest desires may not line up with your traditional concept of power and success. On the flipside, embracing fundamental change within yourself is redefining what’s possible, and the affiliations you’ve cultivated are giving you a fresh outlook. Your old goals have passed their expiration date, and your job description needs a rewrite. Make a firm commit this week to expand your thinking—in order not just to survive, but to thrive.


aquarius star sign illustration



January 20-February 18

When warm Venus in your relationship house connects with impromptu Uranus in your communication sector this week, give yourself permission to freely express what you want from others. Mysterious Pluto in your secrets zone challenges Venus, implying that you’ve been keeping your desires under wraps for too long. Deepening a one-on-one relationship and renewing your trust in that person will empower you, not make you more vulnerable as you fear. You’ll gain more from honest collaboration than from guarded self-interest now. And when you relax and confide in someone, your single-minded ambition won’t fall by the wayside. Having someone to lean on, vent to and bounce ideas off of will lend you strength.


pisces star sign illustration



February 19-March 20

The revitalizing sun joins with the moon and Mercury in your one-on-one angle this week, breathing new life into a relationship or forging a fresh partnership. Between all the busyness in your home life and the psychological upheaval that you’ve quietly been enduring, you probably haven’t had surplus energy to give to a significant other, best friend or business partner. But the fact that you’ve been taking action to find work that you value and build a better future for yourself has boosted your self-esteem. And that in turn allows you to bring more to the table in any type of relationship. Only when you invest in yourself can you believe that you have something to offer others.


aries star sign illustration


March 21-April 19

You’re still adjusting to the way the universe is asking you to operate these days. The strength of your sign does not lie in slowing down and focusing intently on one thing. Venus—your heart’s desire—is about to get caught in the crossfire between Uranus and Pluto, emphasizing what a struggle it’s been trying to balance your natural inclinations against the system you’re caught up in. You feel like you could get chewed up and spit out by the powers that be without ever getting what you want. The question is: What do you want? Venus sides with Uranus this week, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the answer, especially if you utilize your intuition and creativity. Since the universe has called you to change how you go about getting what you want, show that you’re getting the message by changing one of your usual methods.


taurus star sign illustration



April 20-May 20

Venus in your domestic angle gets along beautifully with Uranus this week, but quarrels with Pluto. You could make peace with your family over a buried problem by simply letting it go; host the best party of your life on a whim; get an “A ha!” idea for redecorating; or spontaneously bond with a parent. Impromptu affection and fun, spending time with children and going with the flow in general are favored, while possessiveness, overly intense emotions and nitpicking get the thumbs down. You might make a lovely fresh start in an existing relationship or start a new one—if you don’t give a moment’s thought to who makes the first move or who has the upper hand.


gemini star sign illustration



May 21-June 20

With overdoer Jupiter in your variety-loving sign the last few months, you’ve been amped to take on anything and everything that piques your curiosity and fuels your enthusiasm. Your optimistic interest in multiple endeavors has been exhilarating, but it’s becoming clear that you can’t do it all. By now, you probably know what’s not working. Communicating what you’re aiming for to the network you’ve assembled should generate ideas for fixes. Some projects may end up on the scrap heap, while others will merit an overhaul. This is the week to regroup and methodically formulate detailed plans for moving forward. You’ve built so much up in your head, but it’s time to break it down and decide how you’ll make it happen.


cancer star sign illustration



June 21-July 22

A new moon in your cognitive sector this week joins up with clever Mercury and forms an opportune angle with just-do-it Mars in your self-expression zone. The moon also spars with high-expectations Jupiter in your subconscious house and limiting Saturn in your childhood angle. Give yourself the green light to study something you’d like to be more well-spoken about; a subject you wish you’d been educated in as a child; something you thought you didn’t have an aptitude for or were told you weren’t smart enough for; a topic that you’re just plain curious about; or something that you think will develop a hidden or new side of you. Whether you sign up for a class or just check some books out of the library, get in the back-to-school spirit!


leo star sign illustration



July 23-August 22

Desirous Venus in Leo clicks with devil-may-care Uranus in your philosophy sector and clashes with turbulent Pluto in your responsibility zone this week, magnifying your urge to do what you want to do and ignore the consequences. A burst of optimism about the future could lead you to travel, a connection with someone who broadens your horizons, a new romance and other life-expanding adventures. But the reality is that you still need to earn a paycheck to bankroll much of the fun you see yourself having. With careful planning and prioritizing, you can build your resources to create a foundation for the future you envision. You’ll get a free taste of what you want this week, but you’ll need to do your part to keep the good times rolling.


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nora -September 9, 2012, 5:37PM

Again, so true. Looking forward to this week!

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very accurate this week. thanks!

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When are you posting for this next week? I can’t wait!

HARINATH REDDY -November 19, 2012, 1:03AM

nice post..! very impressive

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