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A Hen Party In NYC

“She looks into me, the unknowing heart to see if I love. She has confidence she forgets under the clouds of her eyelids. Her head falls asleep in my hands where are we. Together inseparable. Alive, alive. He alive, she alive and my head rolls through her dreams.”

~ Paul Eluard (She Looks Into Me)

My sister’s hen party (bachelorette party to you!) was this weekend and we celebrated it in NYC.  At 11:30am we went for brunch, followed by makeup at Nars, and then we had our nails done at Valley Nails. We headed back to her apartment for rooftop drinks, watching the orange glow of the fall sky slowly disappear, then a girlie dinner and more drinks and music. When the night finally became dark enough and we were tipsy, we headed out in the city and the camera was turned off.  It was a relaxed, laid back hen party full of chats and laughter and a lot of wine. Now onward to her wedding on December the 1st.

hen party nyc

hen party nyc

hen party nyc

hen party nyc

hen party nyc

hen party nyc

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Montana -September 18, 2012, 2:17PM

I paint my nails black with gold sparkles all the time, except I put the sparkles at the base of my nail.

Hailey Andersen -February 5, 2013, 1:35PM

I never really heard it called a hen party before, but that kind of makes sense. :) Glad to see you kept it quiet, simple and fun. It’s not everyone’s style to set up a party bus rental and go all mardi gras crazy. Hope the wedding felt like good times with friends, too!

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