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Saturday Do: Nestle Someplace And Read A Book

When I need some space, some time alone or when the night is slow, I take a book to a nearby restaurant/bar and order a glass of red wine. I sit and get lost in the words of the story that’s before me. Come fall the evenings chant me to do this… There’s something I love so much about the evenings in September; there’s a certain cold glow in the sky that makes me feel great.  I’m currently reading The Fall by Albert Camus, a philosophical book written in 1956. It’s set in Amsterdam and has a dark, rich storyline. Jean-Baptiste Clamence reflects upon his life to a stranger in a book that explores themes of innocence, imprisonment, non-existence, and truth – all aspects I think each and every one of us touches upon on a daily basis.

I sit watching the evening get darker minute by minute, reading Camus’s words and letting the noise around become quieter and quieter as I get more immersed in the story in front of me.

I love September and I love getting soaked into a book. So, DO nestle someplace and read a book this fall.

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Lilly -September 15, 2012, 1:33PM

I have not enough words for how much I love the Saturday Do articles here, same with the Monday Quote AND the horoscopes! Oh, free people you always make my day!

Moni -September 15, 2012, 2:58PM

This is great! I love the “Saturday Do” post. Funny this is my plan for later on this evening but it won’t be leisure reading though.

Janet -September 17, 2012, 10:52AM

Love that tablecloth in the background of that first picture! so distracting. Love this blog and all of its inspiration!

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