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3-Day Cleanse Diary: What’s It Like To Do A Juice Cleanse?

If you’ve ever been inspired (and also scared) by the idea of a juice cleanse, keep reading. Kathryn, from our marketing department, volunteered to try her first juice cleanse, and keep a diary along the way. Kathryn tried a BluePrint Cleanse, though there are tons of cleanses to purchase or even make yourself. Read her thoughts and experiences below, and decide for yourself if you’re cool with a cleanse.

What made you want to try a cleanse?

I have wanted to try a cleanse for a while. Last year, I attempted a raw food diet for a week, but there was so much work involved with shopping, chopping, juicing, blending, prepping, packing, and cleaning… only to wake up the next day and do it all over again. It was exhausting, although it did help kick the sugar cravings I was having. So, I wanted to do a full juice cleanse to clear out the cravings and bad routines I fell into again. BluePrint seemed like an easy solution, since they really do make it super simple to order and follow. All juices arrive in the mail on day 1 and you get started. Each drink is labeled with a number, and throughout the day you drink from 1 to 6.


Day 1

Taste: The drinks vary in taste. I love Drink 2 and hate Drink 5.

Drink 1: Sweet, lemon, plain lettuce, and greens. Imagine taking a mouth full of lettuce, spinach, and kale and adding light sweet lemon juice. It’s strange, but kinda good. And, it tastes like good health in a bottle.

Drink 2: My favorite! Pineapple, apple, and mint is delicious.

Drink 3: Repeat of juice 1.

Drink 4: Bitter lemon-y drink. It’s light and refreshing. It also has Cayenne. Weird.

Drink 5: BEET JUICE. Gross. I love beets, but can’t really down the beet juice.

Drink 6: Sweet, almond milk with a hint of cinnamon. This is nice and sweet, but I’m pretty done with liquids at this point in the day. I only drink a quarter of it.


Energy level: So far, so good.

11:45am: I’ve had Juice 1 and not feeling hungry at all.

1:30pm: I’m getting kinda hungry.

3:00pm: I’m feeling pretty distracted. Not as productive!

5:00pm: Feeling pretty ok. Just had drink 3!

7:15pm: Pretty hungry and just a little bummed that I don’t have dinner to look forward to tonight.


Overall well-being: I felt ok all day. I was hungry at times, but would just drink water in between juices and felt ok. The juices are filling.

Stick to it? No solid foods on day 1. I stuck to juices and water and didn’t even get through all the juices.

Day 2

Energy level: I woke up with a huge headache today. And, am feeling a little spacey and lethargic. Normally, I’m a fast mover, and today I feel like my feet got caught in the mud. The headache is unbearable.

Overall well-being: I am having a lot of cravings and would like to sit down for a meal. The days move slower without food.

5:45pm Wednesday. Major splitting headache. I spaced my juices out too far between each other and got smacked with a pulsating headache. Chugging #4 now.

Stamina: Are you ready to take on Day 3?  I would be more ready if there were a breakfast sandwich waiting for me. But, yes, I will do all 3 days and am still committed.

Stick to it? I ate some celery sticks and had a cup of veggie broth. I was hoping it would help get rid of my headache, but it hasn’t worked. Going to sleep at 10pm in hopes of feeling better tomorrow.

Day 3

Energy level: Weirdly zen. I’m energized enough and able to get work done.

 Overall wellbeing: Headache is gone, thankfully. I am generally feeling ok, but a little spaced out. It doesn’t feel bad, but it’s almost as if my body and mind know better than to think it is good.

Crossing the finish line: Did you make it? Did you feel accomplished? I decided to end the cleanse a little early, meaning I’m going to eat lettuce and dressing instead of drinking almond juice. I’m worried about reintroducing food into my system and am getting ready to go on vacation for a week.

Stick to it: Did you incorporate any solid food during your cleanse, or were you juice-only? End of day 3, I ate a salad and veggie broth. Hoping to have a semi normal breakfast tomorrow.



What is the most noticeable benefit you got from your cleanse? I felt… shall we say… cleansed? I was light and really did feel like I was able to rid my body of waste.

Would you do a cleanse again? Probably not. I am glad I did it. It was interesting and I did feel like I reset my body, but I would rather have a healthy daily routine and not shock my body with this again. The headache and overall feeling during day 2 was enough to scare me out of trying again.

Is there anything you learned from your cleanse that you would incorporate into your everyday routine?Unfortunately, not really. It was more of an electric shock. You learn not to touch the socket again. I learned that if my body had that drastic of a reaction to the cleanse, then I am dependent on sugar, coffee, and other ‘bad’ foods and need to correct that. But, I kinda already knew that.






Hemingway -October 24, 2012, 9:12AM

I appreciate this post so much! I’ve been considering a juice cleanse, and it was really helpful to read what Kathryn’s experience was like. I have my own juicer, though, and would likely just make my own rather than buying a cleanse. Thank you!

Leisa -October 24, 2012, 10:27AM

Thank you guys for posting this. Very insightful.

megan -October 24, 2012, 10:50AM

This was very interesting. I did the HCG Diet last year and although I lost a whopping 20 lbs, I felt the exact same way she did..Headaches, hard to focus, always thinking about food even after I ate food. It wasn’t fun. My mom has always said, if you are trying to change your diet or lose weight, the best thing to do is remember whatever you do to lose the weight make sure it is something you can stick to forever or its not going to work.

sarah -October 24, 2012, 11:12AM

I was just thinking of doing a cleanse so this article was a great help. Don’t think I will be doing one anytime soon!

Ashley -October 24, 2012, 2:12PM

I did a brown rice cleanse for a week several months ago. I choose that specific diet b/c it seemed like the easiest and healthiest diet that I could possibly tackle (It’s pretty much like a vegetarian diet with lots of brown rice). I used to drink coffee like crazy since I was a child, but i switched to tea a few years ago b/c i could tell that my body was just angry about the coffee overdose. This switch was good, but I was still dependent on caffeine and would have withdrawals. I also started to feel “dirty” inside and would be constantly tired. So i felt that a cleanse was needed. I tried the brown rice cleanse, which you can find various meal schedules online. Your experience reminded me of the crazy withdrawal headaches that I had from days 2-3 (I felt so bad for my boyfriend, who had to endure my grumpiness). But the headache eventually went away, and I started to feel better. At the end of my cleanse, I felt way more energized. My regular diet is much healthier, but only b/c my body seems to crave healthier dishes instead. And although I do still drink green tea regularly, I can actually amazingly last for days without caffeine. People say that cleanses are bad, and I agree to a certain extent. Just don’t do anything so drastic of a diet change.

Ashley -October 24, 2012, 2:14PM

Also, I found and to be very helpful sites.

Ashley -October 24, 2012, 2:16PM

oops! i meant

stephanie -October 24, 2012, 3:35PM

i just got done the juicer’s three day cleanse, i love it!

M -October 24, 2012, 5:31PM

I’ve heard that three months post juice cleanse (although maybe a longer cleanse than this….can you imagine??) people lose a lot of hair (I think I read this in Vogue so who knows if it’s true), perhaps due to protein loss. But I totally get wanting to get off of caffeine/sugar/crap.

Adri -October 24, 2012, 6:19PM

Did you see a difference in your skins appearance?

Roxana -October 24, 2012, 10:02PM

What Kathryn experienced in her second day is called a curative crisis, and is completely normal when someone undergoes a drastic change like the one she did. It means your body is healing, and you just have to give it time. The symptoms are because the toxins and bad things are leaving your body. Probably, if she had prolonged the cleanse a bit more, she would’ve ended feeling great.

nicole -October 24, 2012, 11:26PM

the headache she was feeling is a normal part of a cleanse. It’s strange but its a good thing! It’s your bodies way of releasing toxins. The headache/nausea feeling should last a couple of days. Mostly everyone that does a cleanse feels crappy in the begginging. She should of done a longer clease to actually feel the positive effects of cleansing the body.

Maki | Moon River Travels -October 25, 2012, 12:08AM

Oh, mann. I’ve been wanting to do a cleanse for years now but I love foooooood so much. How did you psyche yourself up to go without food for three days?

Juice cleanse -November 6, 2012, 11:58AM

Nice to read your juice cleanse experience. Juice cleanse is a very beneficial thing for human health. If you are facing a over weight problem and your immune system is low, the juice cleanse is the best way to lose some fat and increase the immune system.

Fig and Pralines -November 9, 2012, 9:53AM

Thanks for posting. You just reminded me of what I need to do. Hope you will try again. . . maybe in the Spring? It is very helpful to do quite a bit of reading before starting any cleanse. I’ve found that preparation for beginning and ending the cleanse is just as important as the cleansing process itself.

Headaches, fatigue and even rashes are a common part of the cleansing process. Your diet before and after the cleanse can help with these symptoms.


VP -January 1, 2013, 10:28PM

So I am finishing day 1 of my 3 day cleanse and you have scared me! lol I hope it goes well for me.

Barb -March 20, 2013, 4:49PM

I’m with Fig, I’m finding it really helpful to read up on what I’m getting into — although I’ve started anyway! This blow-by-blow account rings true and makes me feel better … or at least in good company. I just say Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and now think that they should have spent more than one short scene showing how awful you can feel when you start! Still it was a great movie. -November 26, 2013, 6:26AM

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