How To Create A Fall Centerpiece

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Decorating for the seasons is so much fun – you get to infuse your home with décor that actually makes your home feel like a particular season. This fall I’m all about centerpieces. I don’t have a dining room table, but I’m constantly changing the décor that I use to top the little round whitewashed table in my kitchen. Here’s how to do it!

First pick a mood or feeling. To me fall is all about nature and the crispness of the fresh fall air. To accomplish this natural feeling, I gathered some dried plants and pinecones from outside, as well as a natural wooden cheese board I had in my kitchen.

Fall Centerpiece

The dried plants have to be displayed in something, so I then chose a couple of vintage glass bottles to put them in. I filled one of them with cinnamon potpourri for a little added fall element. It’s important to use bottles of different shapes and sizes to achieve an eclectic look. You can get bottles like these at any thrift store!

Vintage Glass Bottles

Now fill each bottle with a plant or two. I even like the way the three plant-filled bottles look together on the table alone like this, but I definitely wanted to add more to the centerpiece.

Fall Centerpiece

I placed the bottles on top of the wooden cheese board and added some pinecones on top!

Fall Centerpiece

The key to achieving a good cluster centerpiece like this is making it look natural – you don’t want it to look symmetrical because then it’ll look quite contrived. That’s why I placed the two tall bottles next to one another instead of on either side of the smaller bottle. It’s even important to have uneven spacing between each component. I purposely placed the middle bottle much closer to the bottle on the right than to the one on the left. It’s subtle things like these that will go unnoticed by most, but make a huge difference in the overall outcome of the piece.

Fall Centerpiece

It’s fun to play around with the arrangement and see how different placements can each create a totally different feel. If you feel the urge to add a pop of color, go for it! I added a cute little yellow owl to the mix. I think he looks adorable in there.

Fall Centerpiece

Photos by Brigette.

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JR -October 13, 2012, 10:47PM

Those are definitely called pinecones, not acorns

Jess -October 14, 2012, 10:36AM

Can I get a job working on this blog? I definitely know the difference between a pinecone and an acorn.

fp brigette -October 14, 2012, 11:33AM

Oh my gosh, thank you guys so much for pointing this out.. I have no idea what I was thinking! It’s all fixed now :)

paige -October 16, 2012, 5:00AM

love this idea!! its super simple and I already have some vintage bottles but I never thought to use them like this. I’m definitely going to have fun with this one…

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