How To Layer Your Necklaces

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There’s a special trick in creating an interesting neckline and that is to layer some necklaces. It’s surprising how effective it is. It adds a unique touch to any top.

The key to successfully layering necklaces is to have two lengths: one that sits up high and the other that drapes longer like a pendant. It helps if one is dainty and the other is more prominent. We think you’ll find that this works with almost any top. If you want the layered necklaces to make an impact, wear them with a plain top and have the necklaces as the detail, just like the video below.

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sweet pea -October 25, 2012, 1:06AM

That video was pointless. But on a lighter note – I adore layering necklaces :) i love the way it looks and it always adds a bohemian touch.

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