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I love socks… cozy socks, tall socks, pretty socks, chunky socks—you name it I adore them.  Now that the weather is starting to get a little colder we’re getting all excited over them again. Socks are fun and can add a twist to your outfit; I love wearing them with boots and pulling them up so you see a little glimpse of them.  Or wearing crazy patterned ones with boyfriend jeans and low shoes shoes so when I’m walking or sitting the pattern peeks out.

We have a huge selection of socks online right now, but which one is your favorite?

Socks One – South Western Sock

Sock Two - Heathered Highland Sock

Sock Three - Dip Dye Slouch Sock

Sock Four – Collection Ankle Sock

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Fashion 2012 -October 5, 2012, 3:15AM

Beautiful and colored socks are looking so latest and fantastic.You have posted nice pieces of collection here.

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