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Beauty DIY: Glam Rock Nails

We love nail art, but now that we have our own Free People Nail Polish our obsession has been taken to the next level! I was playing around with some different combinations today and loved this gun metal and gold glitter combo – it felt very timely with our glam rock trend and these nails would be the perfect complement to any look this holiday season. Learn how get “glam rock nails” below!

diy glam rock nails

What you need: two shades of polish – I used “gun metal” as the base coat and “gold glitter” as the secondary color. If you’re more partial to silver, I suggest the “halo chunky” :). You’ll also need a cosmetic sponge, and a small nail art brush may come in handy although it is not necessary.

diy glam rock nails

Start by applying the base coat – I used Free People Nail Polish in “gun metal.” Let the base coat dry fully.

diy glam rock nails

Put some drops of the secondary shade of polish onto a paper plate or other work surface – I used Free People Nail Polish in “gold glitter.” Dip the cosmetic sponge into the glitter polish and press onto the top half of your nails. I found that this was the best method to apply the glitter in the way I wanted – you can also use the nail art brush to even out the glitter and touch it up in places.

diy glam rock nails

diy glam rock nails

diy glam rock nails

Repeat this step on each nail. And, voila! Glam rock nails.

diy glam rock nails

Rings pictured: Ecuador Ring, La Luna Ring, Winterfell Ring, Enamel Triangle Ring, Onyx Interlock Ring, Sterling Silver Midi Rings. Hat is the Slouchy Beanie.

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Sarah -November 29, 2012, 5:40AM
Allie -December 1, 2012, 2:28AM

is it black nail polish? or like a dark grey/silver color?

Amber -December 2, 2012, 10:00AM

Great post! Is the Winterfell ring Sterling Silver? Or just silver color? I just ordered it, and realized it didn’t say 925 silver in the description. If it isn’t real silver I will have to return it, because my hands are always in water. ANY help is appreciated!!! Thank you. ~A

foxandgypsy -December 28, 2012, 1:48PM

looks great! we love to do glam looks with our nails and have done a similar version with glitter that looks like shattered glass <3

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