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Jemma’s Favorite Vogue Cover

When I was 8 years old, I stumbled upon a Vogue magazine in my sister’s bedroom and was swept away into a fashion fantasy world and could not keep my eyes out of the pages. From a young age Vogue helped me define style. It opened my eyes to attractive imagery, glamour, and how clothes can transform into a beautiful pictures and captivate others.

I used to read photo shoots – no words,  just my eyes scrolling through the styled outfits, colors, textures, and makeup, wondering what kind of energy and personality they were perceiving — I wanted to be that girl in the shoot feeling that way.

After that day I used to save my pocket money and buy Vogue every month, and as each month went by I understood more and more about the power of clothes, fashion and beautiful imagery.

I have a number of favorite Vogue covers dating back to the 1920’s, but as we’re going into the festive season I thought this was fitting for now – the December 2004 cover featuring Sienna Miller, “Roll Up! Roll Up! Vogue Fashion Pantomime.”

This cover came out when Sienna Miller blew up and become a bohemian style icon. I love how soft and magical this cover is with touches of metallic in the text. Every time I look at it, it brings a smile and has me wishing I could be that bohemian, pixie goodness that she portrays so well in this cover.

Whats your favorite Vogue cover?

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Miss Elisa K. -November 27, 2012, 9:38AM

That is a great cover. Very free people-ish lol

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