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Free People Horoscopes, November 12-18

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Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.

scorpio star sign illustration


October 23–November 21

This week brings a solar eclipse in Scorpio, and in addition, Mercury backpedals into your sign. As you probably know, Saturn and the karmic north node of the moon are already in Scorp—so you’re feeling the pressure to bring your A game. Saturn and the north node are nudging you onto a path of greater growth (not necessarily the most pleasant experience); the solar eclipse forms awkward angles with several other planets; and Mercury is retrograde. So you can’t get comfortable in the energy you’re immersed in without various adjustments. Irregularities in your routine, your job or your health are a likely source of disturbance, but try not to let them take you too far off course. If you make the effort to get into the flow of all this Scorpio energy, you have a chance to begin a new life where you’re more yourself than ever. But if you react negatively to the discomfort of change, you could lose a golden opportunity. In a way that only you understand, you have to let go of your old life. The solar eclipse foreshadows self-reinvention. Say yes to it. And when your co-ruler, Mars, moves into ambitious Capricorn later in the week, you’ll begin the work attached to that “yes.”

sagittarius star sign illustration


November 22–December 21

The sign of Sagittarius rules religion, because it’s associated with one’s philosophy, opinions and worldview. However, it does not rule spirituality, which is less about subscribing to a particular belief system than it is about communing with the divine. We hold on to a religious conviction, but spirituality requires surrender. Your spirituality sector is currently hosting Saturn and the moon’s karmic north node, and this week, a solar eclipse and Mercury pay a visit. Since Mercury is retrograde, intuition is favored over logical, literal thinking—further indication that you need to release your grip on the outer world and turn inward to tend to matters of the soul. A path is opening up, a path to gut instincts and psychic revelations. If you make a choice now to be more attuned to spirit, you’ll reap the benefits in the months to come.


capricorn star sign illustration


December 22–January 19

Whatever part of your chart a solar eclipse falls in, it shows you where new developments are going to be taking place. It’s important to pay attention to the possibilities opening up without going into reaction mode. This week, after a solar eclipse in your networking zone, Mercury backtracks into that same zone, joining Saturn and the lunar north node. Both Saturn and the north node beckon us to move in a particular direction for the purposes of our growth. You’re being called to find a new path and to set new priorities, but with the drama of an eclipse and the confusion of Mercury retrograde, immediate action isn’t the appropriate course. Rather, you merely need to be ready and willing to make a fresh start—with honest self-reflection and smart alliances. 



aquarius star sign illustration



January 20–February 18

This week’s solar eclipse in your ambition angle indicates that opportunities to move up or to move in a different direction will arise in the next six months. But retrograde Mercury’s presence in that part of your chart suggests you can’t see where you’re headed yet. And the fact that Saturn’s in the mix as well says that it’s going to take plenty of work on your part to make headway in your career. Saturn also happens to be sparring with your ruler, rebellious Uranus, so your impulse to tell someone off or blurt out how you really feel should be kept in check in the interest of maintaining professional poise. It’s not easy to communicate on the job right now, so err on the side of caution. Though you may not be saying much, you should be doing plenty of thinking—about what kind of work you see yourself doing a year or two or three from now.


pisces star sign illustration



February 19–March 20

“But screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail.” ~William Shakespeare

Thanks to Saturn, the moon’s destiny-related north node, a solar eclipse and retrograde Mercury in your vision sector (the latter two occurring this week), you’re seeking more meaning in your life. But you’re bogged down by fear of change and doubts about future success. Rather than trying to eliminate those entirely, or worse, waiting for them to go away, focus on overcoming them with the courage of your convictions. It takes guts to change your life, but if you start with a core belief that you can and you must move forward, you’ve won the first battle—against yourself. All too often we’re our own worst enemy, and in order to triumph, you need to gain awareness of what it is within yourself that must be conquered. What is holding you back? And what steps are you going to take to get out of your own way?

aries star sign illustration


March 21–April 19

Before Pluto was discovered and assigned to rule Scorpio, Scorps shared your ruling planet, Mars, and were said to express the feminine side of the warrior god. While you conquer the outer world and slay foes, they do battle with powerful emotions and establish an inner locus of control. This week, a solar eclipse in Scorpio, along with Mercury’s retrograde move into this deep sign, echo Saturn’s and the north node of the moon’s presence there. And when Saturn forms a vexing angle with Uranus in your sign later in the week, there’s no question about it: You’ve got to master this Scorpio stuff. Except for the Mars link, you’re very different signs, which helps to explain your level of discomfort lately. You’re simple and direct, while they’re complicated and private. And yet we’re all made up of bits and pieces of everything to varying degrees. You may view probing into the dark corners of your own psyche as navel gazing, but it does have value. Scorpio deals with the messy complexities of human beings—such as sexuality, jealousy and mortality—and they’re stronger for it.

taurus star sign illustration


April 20–May 20

Although you solid Bulls are more than capable of going it alone, now is simply not the time. A solar eclipse, backpedaling Mercury, Saturn and the moon’s karmic north node are all pointing to relationship as your path of growth now. Whether that means a business partnership, a close friendship, a romantic coupling or clientele, only you can say. But you need to become more aware of how you relate to others and decide what kinds of bonds are healthiest for you to foster in the future. You’re struggling with a semi-unconscious urge to flee and shut out the world. This week commitment-minded Saturn in your relationship angle bumps up against disruptive Uranus, bringing this urge to the surface. All of us must heed the current mandate to mature in the Scorpio part of our chart, and for Taurus, that means relationships. As a stubborn sign, you may need this emphatic reminder from the planets to address your connections with others.


gemini star sign illustration 2


May 21–June 20

Your ruler, Mercury, backpedals into your tasks house this week, preceded by a solar eclipse there. Although Mercury retrograde makes it difficult to get certain things done, and an eclipse is too dramatic a time to take significant action, both are calling your attention to something: the need to keep doing conscientious work. It feels like a chore, you’re annoyed with people who aren’t carrying their weight and it doesn’t resemble a creative dream much of the time, but none of that matters right now. Instead of pushing others, you should be pushing yourself. Be reliable and accountable, even if others aren’t. Don’t fritter away energy on what’s not going right with a team or partner. Delve more deeply into one thing, and carry out your duties. This is about getting to the next level.


cancer star sign illustration


June 21–July 22

A solar eclipse is like a turbo-charged new moon, when the sun and the moon (your ruling planet) conjoin very close to one of the moon’s nodes. This time, they’re meeting up near the north node, signifying doors of opportunity opening. This eclipse falls in your creativity-and-love sector, the same part of your chart Saturn is currently in and retrograde Mercury is entering. Saturn wants you to take this area of your life seriously now; Mercury wants you to be aware of your thoughts on the subject; and the eclipse is telling you that things are going to start happening here, so you better get ready to welcome them in. Hobbies, romance, creative endeavors, children and recreational activities are all ruled by this house. Two of its keywords are play and joy. Good things are on the horizon—so why are you feeling insecure? Because you’re in unfamiliar territory. We all are. But you won’t grow if you don’t keep moving towards the unknown.


leo star sign illustration



July 23–August 22

This week’s eclipse is a solar one, meaning your ruling planet, the sun, is conjunct the moon. A solar eclipse highlights where we need a sense of renewal in our lives, and this eclipse falls in your family-and-home angle. Since this angle is also getting a visit from Saturn, Mercury and the moon’s north node, it’s a safe bet that it’s the spot where things are going to start popping, if they’re not already. Your attention is turning to childhood memories; a parent; your living situation; what comfort and home mean to you; and the side of you that takes over when you’re home alone. Whichever of these has been coming up for you, don’t ignore them as incidental. These are the things that you’ll be sifting through in the next few years, and the eclipse is likely to point them out to you.


virgo star sign illustration


August 23–September 22

A solar eclipse this week in your house of cognition and communication holds a built-in contradiction, because Mercury—your ruling planet and the natural ruler of cognition and communication—is retrograde, therefore not operating at its normal capacity. In our warp-speed modern life, we perceive Mercury’s retrograde phase as an annoyance at best. But we’re missing the point of it when we gripe about its inconveniences. We’re not meant to be actively giving our attention to everything going on around us during these times. It’s just that, given the way we live, we’re forced to try to keep up. Right now, the planets want you to become more and more aware of the way you think. Virgo expresses the critical side of Mercury, giving you a gift for dissection. But the default thought process you acquired while growing up is not perfect. It inevitably leaves out a perspective, misses an angle, short-changes intuition here and there. Start working on opening it up and leaving more room for the new and different.


libra star sign illustration


September 23–October 22

Although no one could blame you for breathing a sigh of relief when Saturn left your sign several weeks ago, he didn’t exit your chart altogether; he just moved on to the next house. A solar eclipse in that house this week draws your attention to the area where he’s already testing you—your confidence, values, financial and material resources and talents. It’s time to think about what you value and whether or not your fiscal habits are an accurate reflection of that. What kind of impact does your self-esteem have on your earnings? Are you underestimating your worth? Are you making the most of your talents? What are your convictions about security and wealth? Drastic changes are not in order right this second, but do start thinking about what needs to change.



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