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Why We Love This Exhibit: Tim Walker’s Story Teller

“Sometimes when you’re taking a picture an extraordinary sense of luck and chance takes over and propels you to make pictures that you couldn’t in your wildest dreams have imagined. This is the magic of photography.” – Tim Walker

Tim Walker is and will remain one of my favorite fashion photographers, his fantastical images have a way of blurring the line between reality and fiction. He brings to life worlds that you think can only exist in your dreams. Being a dreamer I hugely appreciate his magic and when I found out he had an exhibition at Somerset House in London, I had to go.

Situated in one of the many decadent rooms at Somerset House, Tim Walker created his wonder world where his elaborate props were on show, alongside his most famous prints and words of wisdom from the man himself, that scrolled delicately along the walls. When you look at his work in print, a sense of being overwhelmed comes over you, but when you’re surrounded by the extravagant objects that he uses to create his fantasy world, this triples.

The Exhibition is on until January the 27th at Somerset House, so if you’re a fan you should check it out!

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Claire -December 15, 2012, 10:51AM

You are a very beautiful writer Jemma, I love Tim Walker aswell. I wish I lived in the UK

Hello, Sisilia -December 15, 2012, 11:36AM

Tim Walker has always been such an inspiration to me. I love his work. Wish I was in London to see it.


Artsy Forager -December 18, 2012, 2:59PM

Amazing! I’m sure it was incredible to experience in person.

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