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Travel Lust: Japan

Each year I dream of a destination, a place that inspires me so much that I just want to jump right into it. Over the past year I have become fascinated with Japan and everything it has to offer, from its food, the way people dress and layer themselves, to the beautiful art and fine landscapes and culture. I have become slightly obsessed, maybe its the notion of immersing yourself in the images that makes me feel like I’m somewhat there, I just can’t stop finding beautiful images of Japan and wishing one day I will get to go.

After filling up my pinterest board ‘Take Me To Japan’ full of wagashi treats and cool fashion outfits ideas, I popped onto Flip Board on my iPad and on the feature page there was a photo journal of a small town called Shirakawa-Go. My heart melted and I was in heaven. It was titled “Japan’s most perfect village,” a tiny alpine village huddled between mountains and pine trees. The village is constructed with ancient thatched farmhouses that looked almost like a fairytale, but they are for sure real. This beautiful village is now a UNESCO heritage site and I’m itching to go and stay in one of its thatched farmhouse bed and breakfasts. Isn’t it nice dreaming of a destination and desiring to go there?





What I would pack:


American Flag Infinity Flag, Reflection Pocket Tote, Filagree cuff, Peacock Feather Cuff, He Loves Me Floral Dress

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Tess -February 7, 2013, 12:40AM

I have been to Shirakawa-Go in the winter. It is a little dream world.

Nori -February 7, 2013, 1:51AM

Please come and say hi! I will show you around!

Jacqueline -February 7, 2013, 10:09AM

I was already in Shirakawa-Go and have spent the night there. an unbelievable ambience one must have experienced!
greet from Germany :)

olister -February 9, 2013, 8:01PM

i went to japan for a month and a half a few years back and it was unlike any other place on earth. the people so curtious and the culture so rich. it’s a wonderful place to visit, although i wouldnt want to work there- they have crazy work hours!

Jenny Ekberg -February 13, 2013, 5:13PM

I’ve been to Japan twice for work, once in Tokyo and once in a small town called Okasaki. I loved every minute.

The two places are as different as you can imagine, Tokyo is so vibrant, crazy, and wonderful. If anyone goes there, I recommend the beautiful, incense smelling temple Asakusa, and a tiny little alley called (excuse spelling) “Shomben Yokosho” (“Piss Alley!!”) it is in Shinjuku, in the middle of the city. Despite the weird name, it is a reallly cool little laneway with tiny bars on both sides which fit maybe 6-10 ppl and where they serve super delicious food and sake.

Okasaki is little town with really nice nightlife, cosy and relaxed bars and restaurants where you sit on pillows on the floor, again, amazing food and drinks…

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