Décor We Love: Layered Curtains

The right curtains have the ability to pull an entire room together, making it look complete. I always like to keep my curtains simple. Instead of using crazy colors or patterns, I use white or ivory curtains that are either crochet, lace, or sheer fabric, and then layer them.

Girl behind lace curtain

Layering your curtains adds a lot of interest without being too busy. It adds a cozy, lived-in feeling to the room, and it’s a really unique element of decor. All you have to do is begin with one curtain as you normally would (usually on a curtain rod), and then add a second layer by tying another curtain to the curtain rod or nailing it just above the window.

Sheer, layered lace curtains, candles, birch wood

Since I don’t have curtains rods installed yet (I just moved into a new house!) I hung both layers by nailing them – one inside the window frame, and one just above it. I love the way the top layer puddles on to the floor — and that the bottom layer doesn’t. The key is to let the bottom layer show, so I made sure I hung the top layer slightly off to the side.

Sheer, layered curtains

TIP: You don’t necessarily have to use curtains. The second layer I used is actually a tablecloth!

There are tons of ways to drape your top layer, so you can have fun playing around with them to see which way works best!

Photos by Brigette and K.Boggs.

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  1. You really can use anything. I have a shawl draped across the window at the head of my bed and it looks really boho cute. Not too fancy or contrived.

  2. Yes, I have used shawls and tablecloths and combined them together with ring clips – it looks very laid back and so cool! I love combining different fabrics/prints…

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