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Our Favorite Hats For Summer

Hats are always one of my go-to accessories no matter what season it is. They can really add that extra touch and complete an outfit — not to mention they are perfect to throw on if your hair isn’t quite up to par in the morning. In the winter, I’m all about the beanies. During the summertime, wide brims are my favorite. They can keep you cool and shade your face from the sun, so the wider the better in my opinion!  We have a handful of hats online right now that are made out of lightweight materials in fun shapes, so I wanted to show how I would style three of my favorites:

summer hats

summer hats

The Black Straw Cowboy Hat is super versatile, since black looks good with anything. I liked matching it with a black leather booted sandal, and keeping the outfit light in color to complement the darkness of the accessories.

Shop this look: Black Straw Cowboy Hat, Tie Dye Harem Pants, Embroidered Peplum Tank, Lucinda Sandal

summer hats

summer hats

My favorite things about the Melange Cowboy Hat are all of the natural colors incorporated into it and the straw bow detail in the back. This hat would look great with any color hair and the wide brim is an easy sun protectant (perfect for gardening!).

Shop this look: Melange Cowboy Hat, Embroidered Peplum Tank, Floral Chain Mail Fringe Necklace, Sacred Geometry Cuff

summer hats

summer hats

For a more girly choice, the Ombre Straw Panama Hat has the perfect shape — not too wide nor small. I like how this looks with a two-toned maxi skirt and a white tank.

Shop this look: Ombre Straw Panama Hat, FP ONE Ribbon Corset Maxi, Fionia’s Victoria Top

Photos by Jana.

Shop more hats.

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Meg -June 19, 2013, 10:54AM

These are great!
I have gotten much better about wearing a hat when I am out in the sun.
These all are so cute and functional. ;)

May -June 19, 2013, 10:02PM

Yes, I have one hat of his style. Mine is yellow color. It looks like a candy and it is suitable for summer!

Ashlin Cook -June 20, 2013, 5:50PM

<3 You JANA!!! Your Blogs are amaze-ballz

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