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An Interview With Our UK Stylist

One of the stylists in our web studio is from the UK. Ever since she started I have been curious to find out how she has adapted her styling skills from the UK to the US, how it’s different, and what she found inspiring about the fashion and lifestyle in the UK. Her personal style is edgy, well-considered, and chic. She certainly knows how to pull together a great “all-black” look. Here we picked her brain on the UK fashion scene.

How would you describe the Fashion in the UK in 3 words?
Transitional — you can never predict the weather and layering is key. Fearless — people aren’t afraid to “throw” things together and mix prints/styles. Edgy — think street style, denim and leather….always paired with cool boots!!


To get inspired in London where would you go or what would you do?
Any street in London will have an array of interesting people walking down it. I love Carnaby street for people-watching, Selfridges for celeb-spotting and eating at Pizza East to see cool groups of people hanging out!

London has many subcultures: the West End, East End, etc. Where would you say you mostly fit in?
East — I lived in Bethnal Green and loved the mix of ethnicities in the area. The vibe is young, artistic and laid back = perfect to be inspired!!

uk stylist

Your favorite UK band?
Fleetwood Mac & The XX — their songs remind me of happy times with friends.

Your favorite UK food?  
The Fish House in Hackney do the best scampi and chips — my typical Friday night fish supper (so northern!!)

UK stylist

Your favorite British pub?
The Lincolnshire Poacher in Nottingham where I always meet my grandparents before going out for dinner. They love the chilled atmosphere and the great range of ales. I just love the old fashioned ginger beer and crisps!!

If you were to leave the city to go on a country road trip, where would you go?
Devon, Somerset and Oxford — it’s always nice to breathe fresh air after being in the city! Long walks, breathtaking views and peace = bliss!

And lastly, how is styling for an American brand different to styling for a UK brand, or are they similar?
UK styling is heavily trend-driven whereas here in the US, styling is more based around a story, feeling or vibe, where dressing is a little more organic and enables the customer to work things back easily into their existing wardrobes. If you’re feeling a little boho, sexy or cool girl, FP caters to all those moods. As a woman you feel something different every day you wake up. Sometimes I feel girls in the UK feel they have to adopt/fit into a trend and here it’s more relaxed and carefree so you see people at ease and the girls are wearing their clothes — not the other way round!


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mary -June 26, 2013, 3:15PM

she seems cool as all get out!!!

Marian -June 27, 2013, 3:06PM

I love this interview. Very fun and enlightening… kinda makes me want to visit the UK. What’s the stylist’s name?

May -June 28, 2013, 3:09AM

It looks so cool. I like UK brand better than the American Brand.

sally -July 3, 2013, 2:26PM

she is the coolest!! I would love to see more of her!! She makes me want to go to London!!

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