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June Seasonal Shopping List & CSA Share

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We are so excited about our recipe theme for the month of June! We got a share from Greensgrow Farm’s Summer CSA and will be using its contents to create some delicious recipes on the blog this month. Below is a list of what was in our share (you can still sign up here!), as well as a list of what is in season this month, from Kelsi Windmiller.

In our Greensgrow share:




Spinach, organic flat


Red Russian Kale


Chioggia Beets

Apple Mint

sweet corn

What else is in season at your local market:

Sweet Corn






Green Beans



Summer Squash




Stay tuned for our first recipe coming tomorrow!

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Lisa -June 1, 2013, 4:47PM

Just warning you about those CSA boxes… my family got one for a year, and while it’s really great in the summer when you get strawberries and corn and all these great things, in the fall/winter, you start getting MASSIVE bok choys, huge bunches of kale, chard, cabbage, all these vegetables that you have no idea how to use and are too much to deal with. Yours looks better than the CA ones though :)

Eva -June 2, 2013, 6:42AM

LOVE CSA boxes…I just started my garden ( I live in the cold mtns of the Catskills so we cannot plant until June) – we just had snow last weekend. I cannot wait for my veggies to start growing – if you have too much canning them for the fall is also great!

Anonymous -August 6, 2013, 8:19AM

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