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zodiac sign illustrationPISCES
February 19–March 20
When Venus moves into your subconscious-and-spirituality house this week for a month-long visit, you’re called to recognize the value in imagination, sacrifice, retreat, dreams, intuition, letting go and connecting with the soul. You’ll want alone time in the coming weeks but might also find taking care of someone else rewarding, with selfless love driving you. Expressions of compassion and charity will enhance your own contentment. By embracing the spirit of true service, you can avoid playing the martyr. Expansive Jupiter is turning direct in your fulfillment sector, nudging you to continue aspiring toward enriching creative self-expression and love as well as a higher level of happiness. You may start to feel an artistic block lifting, and your heart chakra will probably be stimulated by Jupiter’s momentum.




zodiac sign illustrationARIES
March 21–April 19
Amiable Venus arrives in your humanity zone this week, livening up your social life. With the vitalizing sun hiding out in your seclusion sector, you still need some downtime, but you’ll enjoy other people’s company this month whenever you have the energy for it. Say yes to parties, professional networking, group outings, organizational meetings and anything else that appeals to you and puts you in a populous setting. Teamwork and philanthropy are especially fulfilling now. With Jupiter going direct at the bottom of your chart, your underlying faith starts to build, which should gradually brighten your mood. Hopes related to family, your living situation, security, comfort or belonging resurface, likely in a subtly modified form. Self-knowledge and emotional enrichment are important in the next several months.




zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS
April 20–May 20
Venus ascends to your ambition angle this week, where she’ll hover for the next month, increasing your professional or public appeal. This planet concerns the law of attraction, and when she takes up such a high profile position in your chart, it helps you to magnetize success. If you require the approval of higher-ups to achieve a goal, take advantage of the spotlight. You’re able to work in harmony with others and form positive professional relationships at this time, and you may be drawn to someone older than you or someone ahead of you on your career path who can serve as a mentor. Jupiter is turning direct in your thinking sector now, revitalizing plans for the future and revving up your urge to expand your mind and your horizons.




zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI
May 21–June 20
With Venus entering your journeys sector this week, you’re apt to enjoy any experience that transports you from the mundaneness of your everyday routine. Now that Mercury is direct, travel should be less problematic. But if you’re unable to pull off a trip in the coming month, make an effort to do other things that move you outside your comfort zone. You’ll benefit from exposure to people and cultures that are foreign to you and may draw those to you more than usual now. This is also a good time to contemplate art and invite it to alter your perceptions. Your impetus to earn more money, overspend or acquire possessions builds when Jupiter goes direct. Focus on maximizing your talents, growing your confidence and understanding your core values.




zodiac sign illustrationCANCER
June 21–July 22
Venus’s entry into your depth house this week will effect a subtle shift in the coming month that you’ll experience in a number of ways. A relationship intensifies or you begin a relationship that feels particularly deep. Outside funding like a loan or grant comes through or your significant other’s finances improve. Most importantly, you can experience real intimacy and feel more at peace with a psychological issue during this time. Treasure closeness to particular individuals and to your core self. Jupiter is turning direct, amping

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up your quest for personal growth. In the final months of this transit, commit to understanding yourself and fulfilling your potential. The exciting first chapter of your new journey wraps up in mid-July; seize the opportunities that come your way between now and then.




zodiac sign illustrationLEO
July 23–August 22
Amiable Venus crosses your relationship angle this week, warming up your one-on-one interactions and facilitating a healthy balance between you and others. Mutually beneficial agreements become easier this month, as your ego takes a backseat to your desire for harmony. This is a good time for smoothing over existing conflicts and improving your relating skills. The love planet’s presence in this part of your chart ups the chances of meeting someone new, but it’s not a fait accompli. With Jupiter going direct in your subconscious sector, your connection to hidden parts of yourself is also a priority. Strive to understand what role spirituality plays in your life and rely on inner wisdom to help you move beyond someone or something that doesn’t serve your growth.




zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO
August 23–September 22
Between March 5 and April 5, with Venus transiting your efficiency house, your job, chores, exercise regimen and daily routine can become more pleasant. Dream up ways to introduce bits of beauty to your everyday life. Value your body as the vehicle that transports you through life, and treat it with great respect. Patch things up with a colleague if you’ve had difficulties. If one of your personal relationships is in need of real work, this is an appropriate time to attend to it. Since Jupiter is going direct, your faith in humanity should start to return—perhaps with an added morsel of wisdom you’ve gained in the past four months. You have a better chance of reaching new goals if you remember you’re part of a bigger picture.




zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA
September 23–October 22
Venus dances into your heart sector this week, where she’ll linger for a month-long visit. Creative self-expression, romance, play, children and hobbies are all potential sources of immense pleasure, as your ruling planet is encouraging you to simply enjoy yourself. And beyond that, she is luring you to be yourself and to express your individuality—to value what makes you you. If you don’t choose to convey something about yourself through an artistic pursuit, you might revel in others’ creative work. Now that Jupiter is going direct at the top of your chart, your ambition begins to pick up steam again. You may have tweaked a goal during the last four months, and you should start to feel a resurgence of optimism about reaching it.




zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO
October 23–November 21
Venus’s move into your roots angle this week coaxes you to appreciate home and family in the coming month. Because of this planet’s sociability, you’ll likely be in the mood to entertain guests at your place, and due to her affinity for beauty, you’re apt to do some redecorating. Your home environment should provide a foundation of safety and ease, and during this time you’ll feel more at peace if it’s also aesthetically pleasing to you. Enjoy nesting and playing host to people you can be yourself with. As Jupiter turns direct in your journeys house, your motivation to learn, travel and expand your consciousness escalates, and your optimism about the future being bigger and better than the present begins to return.




zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS
November 22–December 21
As Venus settles into the house in your chart that rules mindset, communication and immediate environment this week, those areas should become more pleasant and amiable. Her position here could manifest through beautifying your community, expressing your love and affection, having fun with your siblings, socializing more frequently, thinking creatively, writing something that gives you pleasure and taking short trips. With your ruler Jupiter going direct after four months retrograde, you should start to feel unblocked in some way. Psychological growth gains ground, and your hopes in a partnership, financial matters or an intimate relationship are gradually raised. You’re a little wiser now and thus better equipped to place your faith in the right people and things. Establishing a solid base of trust in yourself or in someone else is important.




zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN
December 22–January 19
Venus concludes her four-month stay in your sign this week, segueing into your worth zone for her more typical month-long visit. During this time, the value of your resources—including possessions, money, talents and self-esteem—will be emphasized. You’re able to attract what you need, but you could also become more indulgent and extravagant, and you’re particularly liable to covet anything that appeals to you aesthetically. If you focus on feeling good about yourself and drawing in that which connects to your core values, this transit can be beneficial. Jupiter is turning direct now, potentially opening up a fresh pathway to growth in your relationships. Be as open as possible to learning from people, especially people who are different from you in some way.




zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS
January 20–February 18
Venus enters Aquarius this week, lending you charm and grace during its month-long stay. Without trying to manipulate the situation, you can reap the benefits of magnetism by attracting what—and whom—you want. You’ll project amiability, which draws people to you and makes it easier for you to get along with everyone. This planet makes you crave peace, so you’ll probably choose to avoid disagreements and may even be inclined to help others settle theirs. Make time for pure pleasure this month, since Venus wants you to enjoy yourself. With Jupiter going direct in your productivity house, you’ll find yourself working with a renewed sense of purpose, and a new solution to a problem may present itself. Be open to positive job-related opportunities in the next few months.

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Astrology is wonderful, could need those good word about the libra right now.

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