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Pura Vida: May Catalog Behind The Scenes

Paradise. Early morning runs on cool, soft sand while the sunrise lights the beach in the most beautiful shades of lavender, peach, and orange. Breakfast – fresh fruits and juices – outside, listening to the sound of birds and wind blowing through palm leaves.  Laughing like a kid while splashing in the ocean waves with friends and island dogs.  Sand in your hair. Sunset surf sessions.  Collapsing into a hammock with the glow of the sun still emanating from your cheeks, exhausted and happy from the day.

These behind the scenes images from our May catalog bring all of these thoughts of paradise to life… and next week, many of us will get to experience it ourselves with the Pura Vida getaway. I, on the other hand, will just have to live vicariously through these photos :).

Shop the May catalog.

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free people costa rica

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free people costa rica

free people costa rica

Photos by Thomas Northcut.

Shop the May catalog.

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Gita -May 15, 2014, 9:32AM

These shots and babes are absolute perfection <3. Seriously!


Tati -May 15, 2014, 10:42AM

My country <3

Juliette Laura -May 15, 2014, 11:12AM

These photos are stunning, making me wish I was there!!

Mina -May 15, 2014, 11:51AM

Amazing catalog! And those bracelets are beautiful!

Tiffany -May 15, 2014, 12:28PM

Just getting me ready for summer even more looking at these photos!

Sophia Castano -May 15, 2014, 12:57PM

I love these pictures! And I liked to point out that I really appreciate that you guys didn’t photoshop the creases in the model’s belly the first picture has. I’m a lean woman and when my stomach folds like that I tend to let myself feel unnecessary shame. Realizing that even tall beautiful models have this natural feature, helps me feel way more confident in my skin. Thanks Free People!

Adilia -May 15, 2014, 3:57PM

woooww love to see these pictures that you guys took in Surf Bikini Retreat… was a pleasure to have you guys in our retreat… Pura Vida

Beautifille -May 15, 2014, 4:04PM

Oh gosh FP you never fail to inspire me! :) I love these pics! Absolutely gorgeous photos, my favorite are the ones with the dogs.

Emily -May 15, 2014, 5:17PM

Stunning pictures and I’m so excited about these pieces!

Flourish Design Co. -May 15, 2014, 8:04PM
over it -May 15, 2014, 8:43PM

I officially don’t like FP. Trying too hard for the permanent Coachella vibe. It’s over the top. I was traveling for a year and all the White girls do this fake hippie skank look/act. So over White people acting like they just invented camping and fresh fruit. Like…..all the brown people of the world lived like this for centuries but you called them savages and now you think you reinvented the wheel by wearing next to nothing and splashing in the ocean. The fake whimsy is wore than hipsters.

Alice -May 16, 2014, 12:11AM

Summer is such a simplistic and inspiring time of year…these shots are great!

Juliette -May 16, 2014, 2:18AM

All those photos make me remind of how good is the days spent at the ocean ! Nothing’s better than enjoying fresh and cool feeling that float in the ocean air :)

Anonymous -May 16, 2014, 4:48AM

Top shot model on the left- OMG NO FP no one actually goes out of their house like that unless they are A) to drunk to realize they forgot half their clothes or B) they make money via prostitution. Granted, she’s got a nice pair BUT SRSLY stop with all the naked boobies!! You make us all feel either inadequate or awkward and if we tried that level of “braless hippie chic” we’d be the next post promoting “People of Wal-Mart”.

Rest of the clothes? Awessomeness. The reason why my closet is over 50% FP and my SO thinks I have a shopping problem.

@Anonymous -May 16, 2014, 8:10AM

Obviously you’ve never been to well… any island! The amount of topless girls and escaping nipples I see at home! Stop being a prude!

stop it -May 16, 2014, 12:14PM

@@Anonymous…I lived in New Zealand for a while. That is a White colonizer country on two islands and the White girls dress like this starting at 12. You know what else….teenage binge drinking, drugs, rape culture and dropping out of school are rampant. The brown girls don’t dress like this but the Maoris are typecast as being degenerate. Such a sick double standard. White people need to stop sexualizing island life when the indigenous people who actually lived in the land were murdered and slandered for the exact same thing. Please don’t act like what you wear isn’t a sign of who you are on the inside in the Western world. It effects the way people perceive you as well. I personally see a connection between trashy Coachella fakes and the trouble they get into. Down with fake whimsy. OVER IT!!!

Anonymous -May 16, 2014, 6:46PM

Ahh would like to clarify, NZ is a rocking country. Sure, there are girls who dress more sexually than others – I’m 100% certain this happens in every country. Your judgement on whether this is right or wrong is totally unnecessary and how you made the connection that someone wearing little clothing when near a beach (?!) relates to them being classed as a ‘degenerate’ I have no idea.
Society isn’t sexualising island life, it sexualises everything. This is the world we live in today. If you want it to change, then you have to start accepting that a naked body doesn’t always have to mean sex. Change your own perception of the world first.
Love the photos, shooting this must have been rad!

oh shut up -May 16, 2014, 7:34PM

Your reading comprehension is low. The White majority stereotypes the indigenous people as being degenerate despite the fact that they themselves get involved in terrible behaviour. The fact that the indigenous people were ALREADY living in the land, wearing little from time to time and eating fruit off the ground and were told by Euorpeans this made them savage. Now faux bohemians take public breast feeding selfies and run around topless in a country they stole as if they invented nudity and freedom. FP did an add not too long ago with White skinny girls frolicking in the ocean while the South Pacific women were in the background like props. Why didn’t they just hire South Pacific models?! If you think there are no consequences for dressing like a skank in a Western country then you are delusional. It’s easier for a drunk guy to take advantage of a drunk naked girl because logistically her private parts are already out. He has less work to do to commit his crime. Are you a cop? Then shut up. I have known Eurotrash to get hurt because they acted just like this on a beach. Why are females above being told to get over themselves? I have been to Australia and the Caribbean and it’s the same. The brown people are in church every Sunday because colonizers forced them to and the Western tourists take off all their clothes high and drunk in the hostels. I am entitled to my opinion because I have witnessed this shit close up and I’m OVER IT!!

oh shut up -May 16, 2014, 7:37PM

Exactly…brown people were naked in Africa, the South Pacific and South America in a nonsexual way and Europeans called it sexual and demonized it. Now they run around acting like they invented the naked body. Except the brown people of the world did not feel the need to photo document their bodies in ‘whimsical’ blogs for the world to see. The fact that its on a shopping blog means it is being used as sex sells.

Jolee -May 17, 2014, 2:43PM

Okay people, really? There is nothing wrong with coachela, hipsters, hippies or ANYBODY. Lay off, this is a beautiful photo shoot, stop posting nasty comments about it. If you don’t like what you see then don’t look, there is no need it be so rude. I don’t understand why so many people aren’t happy if they aren’t finding problems with everybody else, who cares if someone likes bohemian styles and vegan food? Stop trying to catagorize them and tell them they aren’t good enough for liking the things they like and wearing the things they wear. Peace people, why can’t we just love each other?

suzy -May 17, 2014, 7:47PM

i’m from Australia and have lived this lifestyle since i was in nappies (or allowed to run free naked!!). we still embrace the beach life and keeping our bodies and minds healthy because its in our blood. stereotyping people is down right childish and if you dont like it or this website then dont read it full stop. to me this site reiterates the freeness in which we in society have lost and need to get back. the ACCEPTANCE and COURAGE to be who we truly are while loving eachother and the planet. Its common sense. Peace & Love all the way…..x (oh and the word boho does get thrown around alittle loosely these days tho eek ;)

@Anonymous -May 18, 2014, 5:39AM

I’m from australia too and have indigenous friends here that don’t feel like that at all. I also lived in New Zealand for a while where I had Indigenous friends (what a weird word by the way! As if you want to be seen different…) Maybe crazy religious European saw things they did not understand and labeled it savage and I agree that’s wrong. So is public execution by guillotine on the main square in paris! We’ve all come a long way and I think you really need to open your eyes and look to the future instead of looking back! Also, nobody needs to be drunk to not wear a bra under their shirt. I’m braless or topless around friends all the time and that doesn’t make me a skank. That just makes me evenly tanned. Flaunting yourself drunk infront of stranger can get you raped no matter what you wear!
I do agree that they could have thrown in some beautiful Island (indigenous) girls! I love the polynesian look. Beautiful skin and hair! Just be proud of what you have and toss the giant chip on your shoulder!
BTW aren’t we all making a big fuss about a hint of nipple on a girl that doesn’t have breasts in the first place? It doesn’t look sexual to me at all!

Grace -May 21, 2014, 1:25AM

I’ve been reading through these comments and let me just say. I am sick of people calling out white people for everything they do. If a white person is wearing bohemian clothes they are ‘dumb’ and a ‘try hard’, if a white person does anything that isn’t usually in their culture then they are seen as a ‘try hard’. This doesn’t only happen with white people either, i realise it happens with many cultures and religions.
A person should be allowed to wear what they want and be who they want. Stop calling people out for being who they are or who they want to be. It shouldn’t affect you at all, it doesn’t affect you at all.

amy -November 16, 2014, 1:34PM

@anonymous That just sounds like a bunch of insecurities to me. Work on that!

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