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Open Call: Meet The Winners!

It was a beautiful Sunday evening when the three winners of our Open Call competition met at Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel. Immediately the personalities clicked. Photographer Jens Ingvarsson, the one who has seen the world; Model Elizabeth Sawatzky, the girl both wise and gracious beyond her years; Stylist Jill Mason, the soul full of light and magic – it felt like destiny, all of us in one place, ready to embark on three whirlwind days of Free People photo shoots and good old Brooklyn fun.

You all voted, and with the help of our panel of judges, chose these three talents to produce and star in our June Ecatalog along with the ever-amazing Erin Wasson and Guy Aroch. We shot on rooftops, at windy Rockaway beaches, and ended our foray at Root Studios. In between call-times, we shopped at FP Rock Center and hit up favorite our Brooklyn spots: Kinfolk, Shelter Pizza, Café Colette, Caffé Spina, and The Ides. A meeting of interesting people and new exciting places, the three days were full of high spirits – the kind that make life invigorating. Meet our Open Call winners!

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The Model: Elizabeth Sawatzky

open-call-model (16)

At the ripe age of 18, this girl has many successful years ahead of her. One can see how beautiful she is on the outside, but what makes her truly special is how beautiful she is on the inside as well. She was raised in the mountains of North Carolina, where she grew a good head on her shoulders and two feet firmly planted on the ground. Now residing in Frisco, TX, she’s as natural in front of the camera as she is talking to you in real life. Full of kindness, quirkiness, and excitement for the world, Elizabeth is a joy to be around. Follow her on Instagram @elizabethrsawatzky for great photos and to see what she does next.

open call questionnaire

open-call-model (10)

free people open call

free people open call

The Photographer: Jens Ingvarsson

free people open call

There is no such thing as a boring conversation with Jens Ingvarsson. Ukrainian born, he left home at the age of 19, and traveled to Russia. From there it was on to China and Thailand for almost a decade before moving to New York City, where he now resides with his beautiful wife and pursues photography. This man is talented. He knows what he likes, and understands color and light with a professor-like knowledge. His images are not flashy, but simple and beautiful, capturing the essence of his model with an understated brilliance. Check out his studio, We Buy Gold, and be sure to follow his adventures on Instagram @jensingvarsson.

open call questionnaire

free people open call

free people open call

open-call-photog (7)

Jill Mason

free people open call

She owns a flower shop and smells like an herbal goddess. It’s the doTERRA oils, she’ll tell you. And then she’ll offer you some which you’ll gladly take, no objections. But beyond her love for the earth and all that it offers, Jill is a creative eye. She has her own fun, light-hearted take on the world, and isn’t afraid to dream up magical scenarios for a photo shoot. Check out her work with Hart, an art department and production company co-founded by Jill in her hometown Portland, and be sure to follow this lovely lady on Instagram @starflowerpdx.

OpenCallQuestionnaires- Jill 2

free people open call

open-call-stylist (2)

free people open call

Style: "Hot Ice"

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Britt -June 2, 2014, 11:50AM

Yay! I voted for Elizabeth, so I’m so happy she won! She’s gorgeous!

sincereju -June 2, 2014, 12:35PM

perfect choices!

SashaLily -June 3, 2014, 9:46AM

Great choices! I really hope you do this again. Such nice opportunities for all the winners!

Beka -June 4, 2014, 9:27AM

I LOVE Free Peoples! I LOVE Jill Mason….two wonderful Worlds colliding and producing an amazing final project.
Thank you Jill Mason for sharing your beauty and magic with the World.

I am truly inspired through this collaboration.

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