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Office Style: Maxi Dressing

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the first week of August, doesn’t it feel as if the season just began?While our collective thoughts may be on autumn — I think the incredible August Magalog may be to blame — it’s still undeniably summer and we’re all happy enough to worship the sun and warmth for just a little bit longer. After a few days of cooler temperatures and cloudy skies, this week started off hot, the perfect excuse to wear a breezy dress or skirt and pile on the accessories.

There was a plethora of inspiring looks walking the halls this week. Check them out below, and be sure to click through to nab a similar outfit for yourself.

Office Style

Office Style

Get the look: Virginia Mixed Plaid Skirt, Plaid Lace Up Buttondown, We The Free Fly Away Tee, Dani Slip On Sneaker.

Office Style

Get the look: Longing for Vegan Leather Jacket, Floral Printed Maxi, Style-Nine Ankle Boot.

Office Style

Office Style

Get the look: Viceroy Hip Belt, Katie Coin Statement Necklace, Beaded Beach Cuff, Filigree Statement Stone Ring.

Office Style

Get the look: Destroyed Muscle Tee, Rosalita Printed Maxi, Arizona Birkenstock, Rococo Sunglass.

Office Style

Office Style

Get the look: Easy Breezy Crochet Slip, Charlie Converse.

Office Style

Office Style

Get the look: Sahara Desert MaxiPlough and the Stars Sandal, Yenil Hoop Earring.

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LamentingLizzie -August 6, 2014, 9:27AM

I am jealous of Jana’s ability to wear oversized clothing so well. I would look ridic in her amazing get up! Love so many of these outfits today…

Roisín -August 6, 2014, 1:43PM

I would never think a flannel wrapped round someone’s waist who is wearing a maxi skirt would work – but it does! That first outfit has got to be my favourite, I love it!

♡ TotallyRoisín | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog ♡

Emilia -August 6, 2014, 2:50PM

You’re doing it right :) Especially I like the white lace dress look!

It really doesn’t feel like a fall yet. But fall and winter will be long anyways so I love to enjoy the summer as long as possible ♥

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