Cover Up: Best Jackets for Fall

The perfect way to outfit-repeat without outfit-repeating…

This post comes from our Junior Art Director, Stephanie!

I’m not a night-before outfit planner… though I wish I was. My morning routine consists of hitting snooze once (or twice), brushing my teeth, washing my face, applying makeup. Then, I’m usually left with about 10 minutes to sort out an outfit, eat and run out the door. You’ll most likely find me in front of my closet for those remaining 10 minutes waiting for a burst of inspiration that RARELY presents itself. Last week, an epiphany presented itself to me: jackets!

Jackets are the perfect way to outfit-repeat without technically outfit-repeating. You can wear your favorite go-to basics and spice them up with a different third piece every time! (Because why wake up 15 minutes earlier when you could just pick out a different jacket?) As a gift to all you fellow outfit-planning procrastinators, we’ve created a foolproof guide to dressing up and dressing down jackets. Hope these can shave off a few minutes of your morning routine!

Daytime + Casual:


Get the look: Suede Western Jacket, Van Helen Tee, Elevate Jogger, Double Down Baseball Hat, Two-Tone sk-8 Reissue High Top

Nighttime + Flirty:


Get the Look: Scarlet Faux Fur Jacket, Drew Tank, Oh Snap Vegan Mini, Joe Lace Up Boot

Sporty + Sequins: 


Get the look: She’s A Toad Bomber, Just A Dreamer Sequin Pant, All Day Long Vest, Essential Backpack

+ Which jacket is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 


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