Post image for Soothing After Sun Cubes

I love nothing more than long days spent outdoors. Summer is almost here, and I can’t wait to start spending weekends at the shore.  Read more »

Denisa -Jun 26, 2014, 4:56AM
This is awesome! I am impressed by the size of aloe you are holding on that picture! In England i haven't come through such a big aloe or aloe vera leaves sale at all...I'm well jealous! When my aloe grows a little more i shall definitely make this...thanks :P
Briena -Jun 12, 2014, 9:54PM
This is the best! Super excited to try making these. Something I just learned also... if you don't have aloe handy, try wetting a rag and sprinkling it with a heavy dose of baking soda. Put that straight onto the burn. Somehow it helps soak up some of the heat and really helps to reduce the sting.

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Post image for Easy Beauty Tip: Grape Flour Paste

Some of my favorite homemade beauty products are the ones that are the easiest to make. Read more »

Valeria -Sep 24, 2014, 8:47PM
As a chilean, I'm so proud of seeing this ancient homemade remedy for tired and dull skin :) is one of my favorites! I use rice flour for better results with acne skin marks.
-Jul 06, 2014, 9:43AM
I suppose you could use blueberries as well??

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UPDATE: This post originally ran on May 7th, but this all natural beauty DIY is too good not to share again! Read more »

Allie -Sep 26, 2014, 6:42PM
Is there anything you can add for sensitive skin? i love this recipe but at first it made my skin really red and irritated, then my skin started to peel like it actually got burned.... any suggestions? also i keep this mixture in a bowl but i notice it melts sometimes... has anyone tried actually keeping it in a roll up deodorant stick? I don't mind the application without it but i want to make some for friends..
Leigh -Sep 01, 2014, 2:44AM
Hi Brigette My niece has got me hooked on Lavilin, All-natural and lasts for what seems like forever! I'm wondering if you've tried it? Leigh

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Post image for Medicinal Herbs & How To Use Them

Greensgrow is one of Philadelphia’s longstanding gems. An urban farm nestled in-between the city’s Fishtown and Kensington neighborhoods, it’s a place that has influenced a growing sustainably minded community over the last twenty years. Today, people from across the city flock to the farm in order to shop local organic foods, to find plants and tools needed for their organic garden, to make friends, and to learn at one of the farm’s many workshops. Read more »

Kristin -Jun 10, 2014, 4:09PM
Thanks so much for joining me at the workshop Naomi, it was a pleasure meeting you! I had a great time teaching this class and would love for you to join me for the next one. There are so many great ways to incorporate herbs in to our daily lives - they are truly wonderful. Warmest wishes!
bella -Jun 09, 2014, 9:45AM
amazing i love it

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Post image for All Natural Summer Hair Care

It feels like summer is already here in Philly.  Read more »

Sophia -Nov 16, 2014, 1:49AM
Where did you get these containers?
Cindy -Sep 13, 2014, 2:05PM
Hi! Love the homemade shampoo. A few years ago I was buying something similar to your sea spray but the company stopped making it. Will definitely have to save that recipe for next summer! :) Thanks!

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Post image for 7 Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

When it comes to that dreaded little plant we know as poison ivy, the best advice I can give you is to just straight up stay away.

But sometimes that just isn’t in the cards. The warmth of the season has us outdoors at every possible moment, wandering and exploring every crevice of our world. And sometimes… those crevices happen to be filled with poison ivy – even if we don’t know it. Read more »

Alvey -Jul 31, 2014, 9:42AM
Sweet Fern has been used here in Maine for over 300 years to cure rashes caused by poison ivy oak and sumac. A strong infusion of tea applied to the rash stops itching on contact, stops oozing and dries the rash within a few days. A web search of "SWEET FERN" will tell you how to find it in the wild or on line or go to
Chelsea -Jul 14, 2014, 10:10PM
Jewel weed is the natural cure to poison ivy and grows near the plant or in wet usually shaded areas.

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Post image for The Ultimate All-Natural Hair Lightening Spray

UPDATE: This post originally ran on April 24th but with the holiday weekend and more time spent outdoors, we wanted to share it again! Read more »

lea -Dec 07, 2014, 11:10PM
This will be my fourth day in a row using this treatment. And results are so far amazing! I actually wish I had taken before pictures. I made a few minor changes to the ingredients, instead of using the chamomile tea I used lemon ginger (no specific reason, I just didn't have chamomile in my pantry) and I added an extra tablespoon of coconut oil for extra conditioning since there is a lot of lemon used. I soaked it in my hair for about an hour and a half before going to bed and immediately washed right after with regular shampoo and homemade conditioner. I did however use a a little finger dap of coconut oil for my ends after the shower to keep the conditioning. For the clogged spray bottle I just ran hot water through tube part each time before use and kept the bottle refrigerated. I didn't use direct sunlight either because it was before bed time and I had black hair but now I'm getting a lighter brown tones. I thought I was just paying attention to much to the color but it wasn't until today when I got asked by a coworker if I color my hair and I was proud to say no (: and my husband also noticed a difference.
Stacia -Dec 06, 2014, 1:44PM
If you are using this during the winter how can you get the same effects?

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Post image for 6 Spa Treatments You Get From A Day On The Beach

With sun-kissed skin, salty hair, and the taste of the ocean still on your tongue, you and your crew pile into the car. Windows down, tunes up, the drive home from a day spent on the beach is nothing short of magical. Read more »

Alcor Spa -Jun 02, 2014, 2:45AM
Right. Its great to be on beach some times to take sun batch and feel the nature. It can make relax your body and mind.
Flourish Design Co. -May 26, 2014, 1:07AM
Gorgeous photos. Even as a native Californian, I still love the beach daily.

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Post image for Our #1 Beauty Essential

When it comes to natural beauty, ask almost anyone what their number one essential product is and the answer will be the same: coconut oil. Read more »

rod -Nov 25, 2014, 2:24PM
Natural oils are the best. I use an all organic moisturizer, These are the best
Organic Fiji -Jul 22, 2014, 6:45PM
If you are now looking to buy coconut oil for any beauty purposes or cooking check out our USDA certified Organic Coconut Oil products!

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Post image for The Power Of Rosemary

This post comes from our contributor FP Naomi. Read more »

bird cages prevue hendryx -Oct 18, 2014, 9:39PM
Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It actually was once a entertainment account it. Glance complex to far added agreeable from you! By the way, how could we communicate?
Caitlin -May 16, 2014, 12:23PM
My third grade teacher alway gave us fresh sprigs of rosemary before tests and encouraged us to take a whiff whenever we had trouble remembering answers. I haven't seen a teacher use it since then but I'm hoping to incoporate this herb once I have my liscense. :)

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Post image for Uses & Benefits Of Bergamot Oil

We all have that certain scent. That scent that, when we smell it, makes us feel so good; so at home. It makes us feel like us. Read more »

Iga -Jul 29, 2014, 2:18AM
May I ask where did you buy such a beautiful mug?
Brittny -May 28, 2014, 2:50PM
Bergamot and grapefruit are my favorite combination when making body scrubs and soap! :) Brittny

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Post image for Natural Deodorant: A Continuous Quest

I recently made the switch to natural deodorant. Read more »

Brittany -Oct 29, 2014, 8:23PM
Antipersperiant might not be proven to be linked to life threatening diseases but it's messing with your body's natural function. I find it really messed up that we as a society are so self conscious that we're afraid to do what our bodies are built to do--sweat! Also, it ruining all of your favourite shirts. The most natural and also most effective deodorant I've ever used is a lemon. Not lemon essential oil, or lemon juice strained and diluted with such and such, but just a simple small slice of lemon rubbed under my arms. It creates an environment that is too acidic to be hospitable to oder causing bacteria. It's so cheap and so effective. You only need a small slice with each application, and I know many people that only need one application every other day (as long as you're not using harsh soaps in the shower). It doesn't disrupt your sweating, you just don't smell--like, at all. It's awesome and I will never be rubbing any over priced, or labor intensive "natural" concoction on my underarms again. Warning: Lemon does make skin more sensitive to sunlight, so if you plan to have exposed pits in the sun take precautions.
Reid -Sep 29, 2014, 12:38PM
The very best deodorant that I have ever used is Ozone Layer Deodorant, which also happens to be ALL NATURAL! It's just shea butter and beeswax infused with oxygen, a new patent pending technology, which oxidizes anaerobic bacteria, eliminating the root cause of odor. It is so effective that you can put it on after you are already experiencing body odor because it kills the bacteria responsible for that odor. It's unbelievable! Check it out at, it's also on

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