sculptural crochet

I really loved these ideas about the sculptural nature of crochet. Wunderkammer on SuperNaturale explores how crochet stitches are not unlike pixels in the way that they are individual elements making up the whole. The artist also points out how technical or organic a crochet can be.

I really love the “CURVE + DECREASE” specimen. That says it all for me!

nest house

So beautiful with the autumn leaves! This nest house was designed by Gerard Moline for Droog. The concept is that you can construct this shelter and use materials from the natural surroundings to complete it. Create your own experience that relates to how the animals are connected to their natural surroundings and gain a better appreciation of your own.
found via pan-dan

pruittfpgirl -Oct 21, 2008, 11:37AM

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let’s craft together!

Do you love to create and craft? Do you have a favorite craft project? Is there something you’ve made that is so wonderful that you want to show us how? We would love to see it!
We’re looking for all the Free People girls out there to send us their favorite craft projects!
Send us your project with pictures and step-by-step instructions at! Be sure to include your name, town, and website or blog if you’ve got one!
We will be trying our hand at the projects ourselves, as well as sharing some of them with you on the blog! Think of it as an internet crafting party!
Check out the craft projects created by RubyEllen and NinkyBink if you need inspiration!

Many of you already know what a huge fan I am of Elsa Mora- her wonderful personality, and her artwork! I am a regular reader of her fabulous blog, so you can imagine my delight when she recently introduced her new, additional blog, which is all about paper-cutting! (One of her many skills.) On it, you can find many of her papercuts, all organized by category, as well as all kinds of information about the art of paper-cutting! Of course, as you can see above, my favorite part is browsing all of her paper-cut work… wow! So delicate!

Susanna-Cole -Oct 23, 2008, 3:41PM
Sorry to jump back to a much older post, but I just came across these, and my goodness gracious, such elaborate delicacy and precise craftsmanship, that is rarely seen such as, rather a lost art form, and a pity that it is so. Thanks for sharing these though, they're gorgeous and quite inspiring! xoxo, S-C
veronica -Oct 19, 2008, 8:32PM
what meticulous work that is! it's positively fabulous! :}

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I saw these on Kiosk, and I just love the seller/creator’s description about them…
Clear lollis made in the traditional way with a candy mold, molds which are 100 years old; the maker has a collection of 300 of them. How fast your pour the lollis determines how clear they will be, clearness = perfection.
Colors: clear, red and green. The tradition was brought to America by German immigrants who historically produced them at Christmas, hanging the little ones in the tree.
We chose these forms to represent Massachusetts, the state we focused on for this first collection: windjammer boat = boat = the Mayflower, bear = black bears = the Berkshires, squirrel = the famous black squirrels of Westfield. Flavor = Sugar Beauty = 100%!

Haha! I love it! I want to see what molds they will pick for the rest of the states for sure!
If you want to possess these tasty suckers for yourself, visit their spot on Kiosk.

cute felt

Lusitania makes the cutest little felt-wares! She was featured on Penguin & Fish so I had a look at her Etsy, and now of course I have quite the colorful felt wishlist – especially the little pins and the yellow coin purse at the top!

lauren -Oct 16, 2008, 10:56PM
how would i go about possibly getting mystuff posted on your blog? i love it i check it everyday!

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Many of you may recall these wonderful kitties made by friend of Free People Penguin & Fish! Besides making adorable kitties, she has a fabulous blog, which many of us here at Free People frequent every day! She features all kinds of great art, (including her own!) and more than a few of her posts have ended up being the inspiration for our posts! She has also been sweet enough to feature us on her blog from time to time. In other words, we just love Penguin & Fish!
Today when I returned from lunch I found on my desk a package addressed to me, with a really cute drawing of a kitty on it! You can bet I just tore right into it, and here’s what I found inside:

OH MY GOSH! I am still delightfully shocked! My very own Penguin & Fish kitty! I love him so much! I have had my eye on these kitties for a long time, and I am just so grateful to get one as a surprise! It totally made my week! Month even!
The kitty is even more squishy, soft and huggable in person! My dog Trixie and I got together with our new friend for a little photo shoot:
Thank you so very very much Alyssa! This kitty is absolutely wonderful!
If you would like to give a home to one of these cuddly kitties yourself, have a look at Penguin & Fish’s Etsy shop, where you can find kitties of all colors!

heatha -Oct 10, 2008, 10:23PM
love love love kittie, pruiit and trixie!
skunkboy creatures -Oct 10, 2008, 3:04PM
You're right... I have one of Alyssa's kitties and they are even sweeter in person! I hug mine frequently...

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stitched map postcards

I love this idea for postcards! Traveling around a particular area? Get a map of the area, some thread, and stitch in the path of your travels. This would make great postcards, or something to stick in your own journal or scrapbook.
Image from Contor Design
Found via swissmiss

Rebecca Purecell

This jewelry, which I saw on Design Dig, is so fantastic! It was created by Rebecca Purecell, apparently for our sister-brand Anthropologie, though I can’t seem to find the jewelry on their website right now. (Which is too bad, because I want that necklace at the top especially!) I love how Rebecca uses all kinds of random patches and charms and other sort of sewing-box stuff on the jewelry! She has a pretty cool little website, but watch out when you go to it because it will resize your browser window, which is kind of annoying. Maybe just open it in a new window altogether…
Anyway, love this jewelry!

fun with neckties

I once worked for a while as a waitress at the ‘fancy’ Italian restaurant in my hometown. As with any serving job, there were many things to like and dislike about working there, but one thing I always really liked was our uniforms- black pants, white buttoned shirt, and a necktie. We looked good, and I found that I really enjoy wearing neckties. Neckties of any print or color were acceptable for our uniforms, and in time I amassed a pretty interesting collection!
Lately I have been thinking about my neckties, and aside from wanting to pull them out and wear them in the classic style, (I sometimes think a woman looks better in a necktie even than a man,) I have felt the urge to do something with them… what, I wasn’t sure.
But today I am brimming with inspiration thanks to some great ideas found on the internet! People have found so many things to create using neckties!
This cute dress, made totally of neckties, was created by a student at Tampa Academy of Design & Technology.
RickRackRuby on Craftster made these fun little necktie daisy pins! You can find a tutorial on this page- it’s down a few scrolls from the top.
I found this amazing quilt (and the cool dress!) on Artful Ties, which is a little blog all about sewing with ties! I bet a quilt made of ties would be so warm!
This skirt is so awesome! There are so many possibilities with a skirt like this too – color choices and length choices while making it, and ways to wear it when it’s finished!
This cute little necktie bag has a tutorial on CraftBits!
These are just a few of the sewing with necktie ideas out there! I’m definitely inspired to do something with all those ties now!
I found many of these links thanks to this Metafilter post.

Jeff -Jun 08, 2009, 4:57AM
Just wear them. You'll get some stares, but I think they look great on women/girls. Don't care for those who say it's not OK and dress up like everyone else. Be yourself! :)
Rob Caldwell -Nov 19, 2008, 5:49PM
I used to work at Macaroni Grill and everyone wore ties there too. I don't remember any of the women saying that they liked to wear the ties too, so it's interesting that you did. I don't think I've ever seen a woman wear a tie outside of an Italian restaurant environment. Why isn't it more accepted? Nice post.

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Erinzam makes these adorable little notebooks out of discarded library books and old card stock. Way to reuse and make something cute! I love them! See more here.

You in NY?? Check out Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. Here’s some info from them:
“Williamsburg Fashion Weekend continues to show the work of designers that have their fingers on the hip and now, with a nod to the past and wide-open eyes on the future. In this, our third season, we’ve assembled a group of eight Brooklyn-based designers who make one-of-a-kind or small-run collections, with an emphasis on fair-trade, eco-friendliness, and artisan techniques that celebrate the handmade and the visionary.”
Check out the website for location info and links to some of the participating designers.

fpgirl -Oct 06, 2008, 1:05PM
We received an anonymous comment on this entry with some customer service questions. If you want to leave another comment with your email address (I won't publish your address), we'd love to help you out! thanks:)

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