The Free People Buying and Planning teams adopted 3 families through the Salvation Army this holiday. Here is a photo of them shopping for gifts!
We were so happy we were able to help these families get some things they needed and hopefully made their holiday more cheerful.

season’s greetings!

Merry Christmas & Happy 5th day of Hanukkah!
Happy Holidays to all!
Picture of cute snowmen via LookU.

Aaliyah -May 03, 2011, 5:10AM
This look awesome , it must of taken ages tho. I like the setting , i think that this photograph rulesss :)

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boot bandits from Lawnmower Sounds on Vimeo.
Boot bandits are perfect for dressing up any pair of boots. They are a woven band of fabric that adjusts to fit over the top of your boots, instantly adding color, pattern and detail to your outfit. The 2 Bandits are Erica Chan and Tamar Wider, two girls in NYC who want your boots to walk and dance:) Check out the cute video they made showing exactly how easy it is dress up your boots.
Get your bandits here!

Cloe -Dec 30, 2008, 4:31PM
So why didn't I think of this? it's a decorative band that goes around your boot to make your boots look different from everyone else? YES PLEASE. Are there more styles?
Melisa -Dec 23, 2008, 6:09PM
Can I get the ones in the video????? I need Bandits. Why didn't I think of that? What a perfect way to funk up your outfit. Does anyone know if they are in stores or just online? I want to them on my boots.

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Happy holidays from the New York showroom team! Here they are enjoying a little pot luck holiday celebration in the office.

pruittfpgirl -Dec 23, 2008, 2:53PM
oh my gosh! this is so cute!

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jingle bell bracelet

I really like this bracelet that was spotted on Dries Van Noten’s Spring runway! It’s so cute and festive – but even better is that Carbon Couture has created an awesome DIY version, with step-by-step instructions so it’s really easy to make! See how cute their version is below – I kind of like it even better than the Dries Van Noten one! Click here to go to the instructions!

Now that’s a Christmas tree that doesn’t take up too much floor space! Jane of All the Luck in the World created this alternative tree with a bunch of random objects she had laying around that she had collected over the years. The objects themselves are so pretty and interesting – they’re like the tree and the ornaments all in one!
Via black. white. bliss. & Apartment Therapy Los Angeles.

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas -Dec 21, 2012, 8:01AM
[...]  8. Trinkets [...]
disc -Feb 10, 2012, 2:24AM
Naiz oso sir fine for posting gracious! Mantendu gora ezohiko lana. handi me from ESKERRAK!

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beaded trees

A lot of you have a little break next week, and maybe you want a fun holiday craft to do? I posted these a couple years ago and everyone loved them, so I thought I’d share again!
Our display team made these beaded trees with those styrofoam cones you can buy at the craft store, a bunch of beads, and straight pins. They are SO easy to make and look so pretty and festive. Dump out that bead box and start pinning!
I can see these looking really pretty in more specific colors too, like if you did one all white and sparkly, or used just a few colors instead of the rainbow.

Dominique DjeDje -Feb 25, 2009, 11:43PM
First of all, I HEART FREE PEOPLE. I've known about you guys when you were just sold in Urban and now you're all grown up! Congrats. So when I noticed you had a blog (that I'm so embarrassed I just found out about) I went straight to December hoping you had info on the wonderful decorations you guys have in your stores, and what do you know, here is one. I would like to get more detailed info on how to do this. So and I literally get cones, putting the beads in the push pin and than stabbing the cones with the push pin beads? Just want to make sure I have it right, I'm definitely doing this for the holidays and just because I secretly want my house to look like a free people store. =) Any additional info in this craft would be appreciated. Thanks!

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This week, I have a pretty simple question for you – well, it appears simple anyway! I still can’t decide what my own answer will be!
One of our newer items is the Floral Tiered Convertible Skirt. It’s really cute and versatile, and can be worn a couple different ways!
Here is the skirt is shown styled as a skirt, and in deep sea combo.

Below is the the skirt shown styled as a dress in grey.

So which way do you think looks best? Do you like it styled as a skirt or a dress?

Lola -Jan 08, 2009, 5:31PM
Hmm yeah aggred with 1st comment, the dress does look much better.
Caroline -Dec 18, 2008, 5:39PM
It looks like the model needs to hike up the waistband a few inches in the "skirt" photo -- it's about a centimeter away from seeing the effectiveness of her laser hair removal treatment.

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I couldn’t resist sharing this adorable picture of baby Ruby with you! Ruby’s mother is Julie, our Email Support Supervisor at our customer service center in South Carolina. Ruby just turned 3 months old on Tuesday, and is all dressed up for the holidays! So cute!

RStauffer43 -Dec 18, 2008, 7:35PM
Such a cute girl - her Nanny & Pop Pop can't wait to see her next week for Christmas.

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Going to be around south Philadelphia tonight or tomorrow night? B2 Cafe on Passyunk and Dickinson will be hosting a craft bazaar featuring the work of many different local artists, with wine and food to boot! Come by between 6 and 9pm tonight ot tomorrow night to check it out! It should be a blast!

Check out our latest episode of FP Dog Talk! Join our host Kevin as he travels to northeast Philadelphia to visit Stella and Georgie!

Tune in next time for another episode of FP Dog Talk!

Karla -Dec 16, 2008, 11:06AM
F-Yes! Love that dog talks!

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I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of our “pet wall” with you! One of our accessories designers got the idea to put pictures of all the pets belonging to girls in the accessories room up on the wall in the hallway, and soon it spread to include pictures of everyone’s pets! It’s especially fun to see pictures of everyone’s kitties, since they don’t get to come to work like the doggies do!

You might remember when we put up our FP Community Tree a while back. It includes a picture of each FP home office employee. Recently, it got updated for the holidays, and it now has a picture of each FP home office employee as a child! It is so much fun to see how everyone looked as a little one!
Our lobby has recently been updated for more holiday fun too! I am crazy about all the hanging lights and garlands! They are such eye-candy- our Visual Display Team did a great job! (Thank you!)

Dominique DjeDje -Feb 25, 2009, 11:52PM
Ditto! I saw this in the store over the holidays and I wanted to take the whole store home. S'il vous plait (PLEASE) find out who and how they put these garlands and all the decorations together. Merci!
Anna McCaleb -Jan 04, 2009, 9:22PM
OKAY these garlands! WHERE WHERE WHERE can i find them! I am madly in love with them and i need need need them

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