I’m excited for this film Tokyo! based on the questions, “Do we shape cities, or do cities shape us?”
It helps that Michel Gondry is involved (director of Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine) and that the trailer looks so intriguing!

fpgirl -Feb 26, 2009, 12:38PM
oh no! you've ruined my excitement. has anyone else seen it already??
Shay -Feb 26, 2009, 1:21AM
I saw it at a film fest, and it was a big disappointment. Gondry's portion is mediocre...

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Check out the latest episode of DogTALK! Join Kevin as he interviews the totally cute Porter on an extremely cold day! Enjoy!

Les -Feb 26, 2009, 3:42PM
I especially like Porter's story in his voice, then seeing him play at the end of video. What a dear!
Bangles -Feb 25, 2009, 4:05PM
I love Porter, he's the coolest. Food food food! Cow cow cow!

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Wow! I can’t believe we’ve reached poll 30! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we had our first poll!
Last week we thought about which current Free People tights we like, and like a couple of weeks ago, the vote was really close! The winner with 149 votes was the Pondi Cherry Paisley Tight, followed closely by the Courtneyrose Footless Tights which got 143 votes!
This week I wanted to ask you about tube tops, because I can already tell that this spring they are going to be a really prominent style! We have so many uber-cute tube tops right now, and we’re putting more up on the site every day! For now, check out the tops below- I’m wondering which style is your favorite!
First up is our Tangled Tuscon Tube in coral.

Next is the Solid Seamless Tube in grey.

Now check out our Starry Night Tube in pimento!
Next is the Solid Lace Bandeau Tube in storm.
Finally, shown below is the Sunburst Tie Dye Top in purple combo!
So which of these tube top styles do you like the most?

jaranian -Feb 22, 2009, 12:03PM
"Solid Lace Bandeau Tube" is the most unique, and original piece FP can offer in this selection. However based on the type of customer I believe they will traditionally choose, "Sunburst Tie Dye Top" and lastly "Tangled Tuscon Tube". As a personal interest I would love to see more bandaged items. But I do believe the non-clingy items are going to have a long succession.

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Looking for something to do in Philadelphia on Friday night? Wanna help raise money for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia? Come to the fashion art exhibition at The Fuel House on 249 Arch Street! Tickets are only 20$, and all the proceeds go to the hospital! Doors open at 8pm, and you can get tickets here. Hope to see you there!

sarah -Feb 20, 2009, 3:21PM
Oh I wish I could go!! I live in Az. and a couple of years ago my daughter got very sick and they thought she had a sickness called eosinophilia anyway this is the only hospital in the US that has their own unit especially for childeren with this immune disease, they have made so many advances with it and helped sooo many familys!! This is a great hospital :)

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You met Bob and Nate in our Free People Guys video. Well they were such nice guys to the Free People family and gave all of the girls flowers and sweets for Valentine’s Day!

Good Girl Gone Blog -Feb 18, 2009, 12:27PM
Aww that's so cute!
allison -Feb 18, 2009, 12:25PM
aw. that is so super cute. what a great HQ shot! boys can be so sweet.

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I love this video for Lisa Hannigan‘s new song, Lille! I think you guys will too, if not for the song then for the awesome pop up books! Enjoy!

http://Www.themarker.com/news/1.2043694 -Feb 07, 2014, 4:14AM
If you are groping around in the dark looking to turn on the security system, simply use your voice to switch it on. If you have monitoring home security systems, the alarm company will get in touch with you and those on your address book as well as provide a presence at your home within a very good time frame. With continued technological advancements, there is no reason not to look into additional security.
Faith -Feb 17, 2009, 7:14PM
That is one EPIC pop-up book! ~F

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Photos are slowly trickling in from the Valentine’s 2009 craft swap, and there are some truly creative and amazing crafts. I really love the stuffed bird from recylced fabrics! Check them all out in our flickr group, and leave some comment love for the crafters:)

Anne -Feb 20, 2009, 6:00PM
Awww, you posted MY bird creation! And you even complimented it! I feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm going to be giving (yes, GIVING!!!) away one of my birdie mobiles on my blog so be sure to check it out at www.reloveprojects.blogspot.com. Thank you!
MeanMillies -Feb 17, 2009, 12:48AM
I love love LOOVE the cake stuff. I actually have the cake t-shirt. It's Urbanestics from Etsy!!

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Post image for Free People Valentine’s Classics Playlist!

Today I bring you the last of our trio of Valentine’s Day playlists, the Valentine’s Classics Playlist! Enjoy!

Standalone player
Get Ringtones

Be sure to check out our Falling in Love playlist and our Breaking Up playlist too!

A hearty congratulations to the winner of the Free People Best or Worst Date Ever Video Contest, Molly! Check out her video below!
All of the entries we received were so special, it was really really difficult to pick a winner! You guys have had some crazy dates, good and bad! Thank you so very much to everyone who participated!
And if you weren’t a winner, fear not! There are more contests and giveaways in the making! Stay tuned!

Comments are now closed for the February catalog giveaway. The lucky winner is Priscilla! Her comment was randomly chosen by random.org and she wins these trinkets our creative director brought back from the photoshoot in Mexico.
Here was her answer to the question “What is your favorite thing about the beach?”
My favorite thing about the beach is the sounds. Obviously, the ocean waves, the screech of seagulls and small children, pieces of conversation… I am so ready for summer to be here already. :P
This was fun! The answers to the animal question were hilarious. Scroll down a few entries and read them all.

Priscilla -Feb 13, 2009, 3:50PM
Hourray! :D And thanks (again)!

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Happy Thursday everyone! The week is nearing a close and that means it’s time for our Thursday poll!
For last week’s poll, I wondered which of our new swim suits was your favorite. It was actually a really close vote, with the Rubix Cutaway One Piece winning by 15 votes, with 139 votes total!
Lately I have been loving all the printed tights we have, they really make a dull outfit a lot more exciting! So, this week I wanted to ask you about our printed tights and see which ones you find most appealing!
First take a look at our Pondi Cherry Paisley Tight, shown here in grey.

Now, see our New Wings Footless Tights below.

Next, check out our Rainbow Fade Footless Tights.
Finally, shown here are our Courtneyrose Footless Tights.
So, which of these tights do you like the best?

olive -Feb 12, 2009, 2:40PM
Love these tights. I can't wait to buy them at Olive-couture.com or just in their store. They are the only store in Chico CA that carries the awesome Free People line. Love the first pair by the way!!!!!
Shelley -Feb 12, 2009, 2:22PM
The Pondi Cherry Paisley Tights are really cute they almost look like tatoos!

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Do you have a couple minutes? (Just a couple!) Do you like filling out surveys? Take our blog survey!
We came up with this survey to see what you think of the blog and of Free People, so that we can keep coming with what you like, and improve too! Needless to say, we are really anxious to see your survey responses because we really want to know your opinions! So please, if you have a moment, take our survey! We’d really appreciate it!
P.S. The cute picture of the kitty with the Atari (I like to think he’s trying to take a survey,) is from here.

DEZ -Feb 13, 2009, 12:19PM
the kitty is so flippin cute, he looks like a stuffed animal...what a cutie.

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