We received this request via a comment, so I thought I’d share with all!
Designers are wanted for the Eco Exchange Fashion Show at GreenFest Philly
Sunday, September 7th 2008, 1PM
Eco-Fashion hits South Street with style and sustainability. We need designers using organic, alternative (hemp/bamboo/etc.) and reused/vintage materials. The festival draws 20,000 people and you’ll have the opportunity to showcase designs and promo on and off the runway.
Please contact liza ASAP at liza@goodlifeevents.org to participate or check out GreenFest Philly for details (throw out the submission guidelines – we want you!)

Labor Day weekend is almost here! A time for cookouts and parades and camping and all sorts of other fun activities… It also brings to mind the old “rule” of dress: No white after Labor Day, until Memorial Day. I was chatting today with a couple of the girls on the knits team, and we had somewhat varying opinions on how much power this rule still holds. Some feel this rule has gone totally obsolete, for others, strict observance remains. As for myself, I’ll be wearing plenty of white shirts through winter, but you sure won’t catch me in any white pants or skirts!
I am so curious to find out what you guys think of this rule! Please share!

Megan -Aug 28, 2008, 5:10PM
The more white the better!!!

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And now for the punchline…

anonymous -Aug 28, 2008, 11:42AM

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cereal box gift box

I’m sure you toss some cereal boxes in the recycling bin. And you’ve probably been stuck without a gift box for your friend’s birthday and especially around the holidays. Head over to instructables to learn how to make a gift box from a cereal box! My only advice would be to dress it up a little more than what they’ve done in the photos. Paint it, get pretty ribbons, glue on some sequins, make it pretty!

Tune in tomorrow for the punchline!
Anyone care to guess?

fun with yarn

This morning I wandered into the Display Team’s room, and found them working on this sweet little project!

Turns out they are thinking of creating big rugs to hang on the walls in the stores. (Which would be awesome.)
So today they have been creating lots of little mini-rugs, to try out different techniques and see what looks best and allows for the most detail.

They are so cute! Next time I wander into that room, you can bet I’m going to be asking for rug-making lessons… ;)

Karla -Aug 26, 2008, 4:08PM
Okay, I know that these ladies work really hard and I'm sure that there are downsides to their job too, but I would KILL to have "create nifty yarn crafts" in MY job description!!

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Last month, we opened our second New York City store, at 1319 3rd Avenue!
We have been so excited about it!
Everyone who had a part in helping open up this store did such a fantastic job- the store is incredible! Just have a look at these photos for proof! I especially am in love with the cash-register counter…
If you find yourself in NYC, please, come visit us!


ximena -Nov 22, 2008, 7:48AM
Lovely store !!!!!
B -Aug 27, 2008, 3:21PM
My beau and i frequent NYC alot even though it's a very long drive from Ottawa.. we'll .. wait I mean I'll be sure to be checking this out.. your stuff looks amazing.. can't wait to see it in person!!

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Check out our super cute Elysees V Top! It comes in four awesome colors! Have a look below…

Olive Green
My question about our women’s tops is, which color do you like the most? Give us your opinion!

D -Aug 21, 2008, 5:57PM
I love the pimento color for sure! The blonde model reminds me so much of gwyneth paltrow..super cute!

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Don’t forget about our FP Style Event, which is going on right now!
We have been collecting your pictures of you and your friends wearing Free People and putting them in a set on our Flickr account! We love seeing how you wear your Free People!
Below, find just a few of the pictures that FP girls have sent us so far! To see the whole set, check out our Flickr account! And don’t forget to send us pictures of you in your Free People, to blog.freepeople@gmail.com!


Check out our cool new Mixed Stripes Cowlneck Sweater, which comes in Cranberry and Blackberry! (I love the cute color names!)

How do you guys like it styled? As a kind of shirt, with pants or jeans, or as a sweater-dress, with tights?

Keara -Aug 15, 2008, 12:23AM
I love the great shape of this sweater! Keara @ Oak www.oakboston.com

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meteor shower

Did anyone see the meteor shower last night/this morning??? I was sleeping! Was it amazing?
We passed through the tail of comet Swift-Tuttle. You can read more about it on TreeHugger.

melissa -Aug 14, 2008, 1:48AM
I was on a short stay in a cabin in northern Michigan and was luckily reminded of the meteor shower just hours before it was to begin! In the couple times we went out to watch we saw maybe 30-40 meteors. It was beautiful enough just to get away from the city lights--the shower was the icing on the cake! (:

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As many of you know, our latest catalog came out this week, and so for our weekly poll I was curious about what you all think of our last few catalogs.
Below, to remind you which is which, are the front covers of our last three catalogs.


Which was your favorite catalog this summer?

shaunna -Aug 13, 2008, 6:26PM
my august catalog just arrived, mail to Hawaii takes forever! i love it, so pretty yet so bad ass. keep up the great work over there. xx
adesignaffair -Aug 13, 2008, 11:20AM
I loved the new catalog when it came in my mailbox yesterday. The handwritten touch made all the difference. Who designed the catalog--most importantly who wrote out all that copy???

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